Let’s Talk Sneakers! Great Tips for Picking the Best Sneakers…for You.

Don’t make shoes multitask. Walking shoes can be stiff; running shoes tend to be more flexible, with extra cushioning to handle more shock impact. If you participate in both activities, select a pair for both.

Know your foot. Feet come in a variety of shapes — and knowing your foot type is important in selecting the right pair of shoes. Most brands try to design a shoe that accommodates most foot types. Best way to determine shape is to do a wet test on brown paper and trace your footprint.

Measure your foot frequently. It’s a myth that foot size doesn’t change as adults. Studies  show that shoe size may fluctuate during different stages of adulthood. It is recommended that you have your feet measured twice a year. Sizes often vary between different brands. It is important to go by what fits versus the size of the shoe.

Shop toward the end of the day. Feet swell progressively during the day. They also tend to enlarge when you participate in exercise activities. It’s important to select a shoe that fits when your foot is at it’s largest.

Bring your own socks — the ones you prefer to wear while exercising.

Don’t believe in breaking in. Experts suggest running and walking shoes should feel good at the onset. Walk or run around the store a bit to make sure they feel good in action.

Wiggle Room – You should have about a thumb’s width of room between the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe.The heel should fit relatively tightly; your heel should not slip out when you walk.

Don’t over- or underpay. Good-quality running and walking shoes can be somewhat expensive, but most often it’s worth it and usually worth it.  But make sure to focus on fit versus style. You can easily end up with a great style and brand and minimize the benefits of your workout because you’ve compromised your comfort.

Know when to replace them. The average pair of running shoes should be replaced after about 350-400 miles of use. You should also go by how your shoes look and feel. if your shoe feels to loose and lacks support that usually means it’s time to go shoe shopping.


Featured images courtesy of Huffington Post