A New Challenge is Brewing….Are You Ready?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should seriously consider joining us with our upcoming fitness challenge(s). Aren’t we all in essence, a work in progress? Some of us, obviously are closer to the ultimate “fitness” finish line or benchmark than others, but we all are running, walking and/or crawling the “fitness” race together. 

At Fitness Galore, our editorial team does not claim to be fitness experts.We’re just ordinary people with a passion and commitment to being healthy and fit. We believe in balance and well-being and everything that comes along with it. In route to our fitness goals, we’re inspired to make, bring and support “fitness” friends along the way.We are dedicated to making our site the “go to site” for fitness gurus and novice alike, who seek a variety of great resources,collaborated with authentic and solid feedback. 

We hope our fitness challenges partnered with our developing site will provide the vehicle (or at least one of the wheels of the vehicle) to transport you and ourselves to fitness success!  We encourage you to share with us, laugh with us, fuss with us, sweat with us and join us as we travel on this phenomenal and ongoing fitness journey. 

Have a great holiday weekend. Stop by, after you’ve finished your wonderful holiday barbecues and see what new fitness challenge we have in store.