Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  If you haven’t purchased your Mother’s Day gift, you’re in luck, Fitness Galore’s handy gift guide will be especially useful for your immediate shopping needs. Mother’s Day is one of the most significant holidays of the year.  It is the special day we commemorate our mothers, the women who wiped our runny noses, nursed our scrapes and scratches, hugged us , with only a hug a mother can give and last, but not least, compassionately scolded us for doing silly things we were not supposed to do.  This is the day we celebrate the phenomenal women who brought us into this world and continue to carry us through.   
So, are you in a slight quandary…trying to deliberate on the perfect gift for your mom?  Realizing our mothers deserve the very best, Fitness Galore bravely tackled the challenge of searching for the most outstanding, health conscious and fittest gift options for your extraordinary moms.  Today we’re delivering them right to your doorstep or should we say computer screen?  Nonetheless, mission accomplished! We found the “best” of the “best” fitness and health gift options to pamper the amazing women in your life.1. Sony Smart Watch  $129
The Bluetooth enabled Sony Smart Watch has a 1.3 inch screen. It’s much more than a watch! Check emails, listen to music, stay posted with social media. Great buy! 2. The Fitbook $22.95 
a 12-week total fitness and nutrition system that gives you the tools to set (and achieve!) realistic get-fit goals. It includes a fitness planner so your mom can map out her workouts ahead of time, and prompts her to set weekly nutrition and fitness goals.

3. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair $79.98
Created with the help of a chiropractor, this chair encourages a straighter posture, which in turns tones core and strengthens back muscles.  It can even double as a desk chair. A great buy!

4. T Spheres Aromatherapy Massage Balls $35
Calm nerves, ease anxiety, and chill out with just brief whiff of these massage balls. Use them as a self-massage tool or boil or freeze them and place them the temples for relaxation.

5. Tocky Alarm Clock $58
This gift is great if your mom has a tough time waking up early for the gym.  She’ll  never oversleep again with this handy device! When it’s time to wake up, this clever little alarm clock featuring the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! logo will roll away to ensure she gets out of bed – and better yet, it comes preloaded with special wake-up messages from hosts Carl Kasell and Peter Sagal. She can also record messages with a built in microphone and upload MP3’s, fill it with daily reminders or load it with podcasts.

6. Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle $25 & up
An intense spinning class is the ultimate sweat fest; help your mom stay hydrated. The double-walled, vacuum insulation keeps ice water cold up to 24 hours (I tested it and it’s a fact!), and the most ideal part is there’s no messy condensation on the exterior of the bottle. It’s BPA-free, and the wide mouth makes it easy to clean and easy to drink from.

7. Sugoi’s Hydrolite Jacket $120
This stylish jacket is featherlight, packable and breathable weather protection. 

8. Yogoco bags $87
These eco-friendly bags are made from pre-consumer T-shirts scraps, conserving our precious natural resources: land, water and energy. Accommodates a mat, towel, water bottle, purse, phone, keys 
(and more). 

9. Pear Mobile Training System $99.95
A one-stop shop for your fit-committed mom. The system includes an iPhone coaching app, workout earphones, and a heart rate monitor. Provides real-time audio coaching. Great buy!

10. Nike Lunar Glide +4 $110
This adorable lightweight running shoe syncs with Nike app and tracks steps.

11. Oakley Commit Sunglasses prices may vary
These shades are perfect for that chic and active mother. They stop UV rays in their tracks, keeping mom’s eyes safe. Designed for a woman’s face, these sunglasses have interchangeable lenses to help adapt to different conditions.

12. Oster My Blend Personal Blender $29.99 
Transforms frozen fruits into a scrumptious treat. Blender conveniently includes a travel bottle. Simply replace the blade with the drinking lid and viola…. mom instantly has a yummy, nutritious drink on the go.

 13. Vegan Cooking For Carnivores by Roberto Martin price may vary
The title of the book gives you an idea of what type of great recipes to expect. His motto is you can enjoy foods you love – you’ve just got to get creative with substitutions.  He provides tons of great recipes and serving ideas!

14. Polar Fitness & Cross Training Watch $99 & up
Ensures an uncomplicated workout. Shows when your mom is improving based on heart rate. Displays calories burned and comes with a comfortable fabric transmitter and coded heart transmission to avoid cross-talk. 

We hope this handy guide helps you select a gift that makes your mom smile. If all else fails, you can treat your mother to a special spa day. Most importantly, mothers appreciate the special acknowledgement and the generous show of love.