Are you looking to lose weight, beat your best running time, track what you eat or simply exercise more? Here are 10 free apps that can help you successfully accomplish your fitness goals.

People are more conscious, aware and proactive in staying fit and healthy, than ever before. Thankfully, in keeping with the technically advanced age we live in, mobile devices serve as a highly beneficial means of helping individuals to become fitter and healthier. Fitness apps have revolutionized the ways in which we balance our health, nutrition and fitness. They allow us to instantly get connected with a wealth of useful fitness, nutrition and health information.

Some people are in search of community fitness support or might be looking for more accountability. Whatever the case, there are so many fitness apps that you are sure to find at least one that will meet your needs and interest.

We researched some of the more popular apps and narrowed down our top ten based on customer comments, reviews, ratings and our own trialing of fitness apps. We provided Google Play Store Customer’s Review Score under each app image. Score is out of 5.0