This week’s Fitness Style Watch features some sporty, mix and match combos. We selected pieces with creative prints, ombre blends, color blocking and rich hues.  Style is great, but we know that comfort, fit and durability are factors that are usually at the forefront when it comes to fitness fashion picks.
We love sharing our Fitness Style Watch picks with you. In hopes that you’ll get a glimpse of what’s new and hot in fitness fashion easily accessible on your computer screen at the click of a button. We’ve coined a phrase fitness fashion at your finger tips! Each week we’re committed to seeking out and bringing you the best of fitness fashion. We also include links directly to site if your interested in getting more information or purchasing item. Viola…your own virtual boutique!
Please feel free to share your comments and feedback or tell us if there is something in particular you’ve been looking for and can’t find. We’ll do our best to locate it.
In the meanwhile, take a peek at these sporty shorty looks. Click on individual items below to get more details.

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