I don’t remember when or how I was first introduced to the Elliptigo. All I know is that I was utterly fascinated  by the first sight of it. I’d always enjoyed a good workout on the elliptical machine. I knew if the Elliptigo was anything like the elliptical machine, I would be hooked. So more recently, I set out to find out more about this mean machine on wheels. I contacted ElliptiGo and no sooner than I could blink, the public relations team had located an ElliptiGo in my area for me to test drive.   A gentleman from Bicycle Sport Shop in Austin contacted me arranged my test ride for a week later. I remember thinking…ooh,ooh…what have I got myself into?   

Bicycle Sport Shop-Austin,TX
ElliptiGo, here I come!  At first glance, the Elliptigo looked extremely interesting, yet kind of odd…only because I’d never seen anything that resembled an elliptical on wheels.



The sales rep. who helped me was extremely knowledgeable about the ElliptiGo. He shared a wealth of great information about it. Here’s what I learned:
-Very few people are unable to ride the ElliptiGO the first time they get on it. Like anything new and different, it takes some getting used to, but it’s easy to ride and more stable than it looks. 
– Full-body, weight-bearing exercise gets your heart rate up without impact

-It requires about the same amount of balance as is required when riding a bicycle or scooter. 

-Most people get comfortable on the ElliptiGO within 5 minutes of riding it and many within 30 seconds. 

-Riding an ElliptiGO is similar to riding a bicycle in high-traffic areas. The advantage that the ElliptiGO has over a traditional bicycle is that the rider has an elevated line of sight and their whole body is visible, making it easier for pedestrians, drivers and other cyclists to see them.

-The braking system consists of hand levers that actuate rim brakes on the front and rear wheels. These operate similar to standard brakes on a mountain bike.

-The 11R model has eleven speeds, the 8C model has 8 speeds, and the 3C model has 3 speeds, all contained in the rear hub. The rider can change gears by using a trigger shifter located on the handlebars. The ElliptiGO does not need to be in motion to change gears.

 It’s best wear running shoes for workout rides because they are comfortable and tend to breathe well.

– One of the nice features that the ElliptiGO retains from the indoor elliptical trainer is that people of different sizes can use the same machine with little or no adjustment. For longer rides, the ElliptiGO can be quickly adjusted to provide an optimal experience for the rider. The height of the handlebars and their distance away from the rider can be adjusted, as can the stride length and foot position. However, the frame itself remains the same, enabling riders of various sizes to share the same ElliptiGO.

Maximum Weight: 250 lbs.
Suitable Height Range: 5’0″ to 6’8″

Another interesting fact about the ElliptiGO is that it’s great for folks like myself who have experienced knee injuries or have knee/joint problems. Knowing that,definitely intrigued me most and had me looking forward to my test ride experience. So, thankfully, following a great discussion with the helpful sales representative and feeling more familiar with the ElliptiGO, I felt well-prepared to put this equipment to the test. Initially, it felt a bit awkward but just like the sales rep. had assured me, riding it became easier with each stride. I felt like a champ as I whisked my way through the parking lot, gratefully back-up was not far behind. I could see why it was reportedly great for woozy knees. My knee felt surprisingly good, even from this brief stint on the ElliptiGO. I think the smooth glide was my favorite part of my riding experience. It makes you feel like a graceful gazelle- once you relax and get going.

I would definitely recommend trying one out.I’d even consider purchasing one. The price is kind of steep, $2400 and up, but seems to to be worth the price for all the potential fitness benefits it can provide and for the quality of the equipment. I might eventually invest in one. For now, it’s great having the option to rent and ride.

You can test ride one too! They offer test rides at more than 300 retail locations across the U.S. The location I visited will let you rent the ElliptiGO for the day at $30. Click here to locate a dealer near you.