Featured Trainer of the Week: Nonna Gleyzer

We were excited to launch our Featured Trainer series last week. Ramona Braganza was the first trainer to be featured. We had the opportunity to interview her and ask questions that were compiled by our editors and forwarded from our readers. It was a pleasure speaking with her and hearing her awesome fitness and nutrition tips.  Check out the scoop on her fitness philosophy and training methods.

This week’s featured trainer is Nonna Gleyzer, a highly recognized Pilates instructor and Body Stylist. She’s worked with a variety of celebrity clients including: Gisele Bundchen, Madonna, Natalie Portman, Sting, Tobey Maguire, Kerry Washington, and Chaka Khan. She graciously shared her enlightening fitness advice, nutrition tips and future aspirations with us.  Click here to read her amazing interview!  Click below to see more.

thisweektodayStay tuned! More featured trainer interviews are soon to come!