New Year, New “Improved” You  

_      Are you ready for the new year? Kick off your 2014 New Year’s resolutions right!  The upcoming year is sure to be full of great opportunities. Let’s make 2014 one we’ll never forget-let’s get fitter and more fabulous than ever. Take a peek at below at some of our fitness tips that can help you set resolutions -you can keep!

– Set dates for your goals
Putting a deadline or desired end date for your goals on your calendar will help you get and stay committed. Set goals that are realistic. Look before you leap…into working on your goals. Being honest about your current fitness level will enable you to set attainable goals.  The fitbook by fitlosophy is an ideal way to kick start your fitness goals for the year.

– Put your diet in check

It’s essential to ensure that your diet is aligned with your desired fitness goals. Take a look at your diet, past and present, taking a overall look at your consumption.  If your old nutrition plan seems broke…fix it!  Get a  new start by cooking healthy meals that will keep your taste buds satisfied, hunger at bay and New Year’s resolutions intact.   Ainsley Harriott’s Low Fat Meals in Minutes is an appreciable book filled with easy to prepare-healthy recipes.  If you’re a member of the “I don’t have time to cook club.” No worries, there are options for you too! There are several online services that will deliver healthy meals and snacks right to your doorstep. is a unique food delivery company which transports “doctor approved, chef designed meals throughout America.  All the meals are customizable, whether you’re vegan or gluten-free, all meals are based on the specific likes and needs of the customer, 5-7 day a week plans are available. Prices range from $129-$159 a week. Boxtera and Nature Box are also accessible for ordering online. They both deliver a variety of healthy snack options to your abode. No excuses for not eating healthier in the new year. Home delivered meals are a little more costly than preparing your own feast , but it might be worth incorporating it into your budget, especially if a busy schedule is standing between you and the attainment of your fitness goals.

– Join a gym, jump in on a fitness challenge, sign-up for a boot camp, commit to some form of physical activity, at least once a day.
     Start exploring what forms of exercise you love or at least like doing.  If you enjoy walking, find a way to situate  it into your schedule. You might consider adding some variations to existing workout regimen. The Set Starter is an awesome product we featured this past year, ideal for the cross trainer or H.I.I.T lover.
Keep in mind, there are a plethora of exercise options: Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Zumba, or running…whatever you select, make sure it’s something that fits your fitness personality. Take the quiz to find out what type(s) of exercises may be most aligned with your interest and preferences. If you enjoy the gym, it can be highly beneficial and rewarding to make the most of your time in there.
Click here
to take a peek at this useful article that suggest effective ways to make your gym time more productive.  There are also awesome fitness apps that can help you successfully accomplish your fitness goals in the new year. They’re ideal for :  tracking your calories, weight loss support, tracking what you eat, and customized workouts. See our top ten free “fitness app” picks here. Don’t forget to check-in with our extensive online workout gallery– it’s perfect if you prefer working out at home  or if you simply can’t make it to the gym for one reason or another. We also did a great giveaway with a few months ago. Super site for printable, customized workouts.
Additionally, enlisting the help of others, a trainer or a workout partner can potentially up the ante on accountability with your selected exercise regimen. It’s proven to be a great way to stay consistent with your resolutions throughout the new year.

-Spruce up your fitness wardrobe
Who said you have to wait till you accomplish your fitness goals to look and feel great? Why not start now? Consider swapping those grungy tees for some comfy new threads. So what, you haven’t achieved your weight loss goals. Doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some spiffy new workout gear to keep you motivated. We’ve featured several awesome lines on our site. Some of our faves include; Athleta, Sweaty Betty, Ellie, MPG, Onzie, Hard Tail, and Stella McCartney. Take a look at a few more of the favorites we have showcased in our “fashion category”.  This section also features articles which spotlight creative fitness styling ideas and fun products.



– Claim your fitness success!
Whatever you do, don’t knock yourself for goals you didn’t accomplish in 2013, rather, focus on what you hope to accomplish in the year to come. Think about what you did good last year and zero in on what you can do better. Instead of focusing on creating a new you, commend yourself on how far you’ve come and innovate or enhance your abilities instead of changing them. Appreciate who you are as you use your strengths to immobilize your weaknesses.