This Week’s Featured Trainer: Ashley Borden      

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interview with Ashley Borden


We launched our “Featured Trainer” series several weeks ago. It took off with a bang and to date, it’s been a huge success. Readers have emailed comments, thanking us for launching this feature and expressing how useful our featured trainer’s tips, and input have been in helping them while they’re working towards and attaining their fitness goals.

We’re happy to be one of the vehicles that transport information that you’ve reported to be valuable and helpful. We love sharing pertinent and salient information with our readers – Inspiring and motivating our audience- as we work towards maintaining and accomplishing our personal goals. We appreciate each of your allowing us to play a role in supporting your  efforts towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

WIth our “Featured Trainer” series coming to a close, we are ecstatic to share our concluding trainers.  This week’s featured trainer is  the illustrious celebrity trainer, Ashley Borden.  She is one of today’s biggest celebrity personal trainers in the world. Women’s Health named her a top “Body Transformer” in 2011, one of only six trainers in the country. The Huffington Post recently declared her one of the top 20 fitness experts worth following on Twitter. She’s also released two training DVDs. We were elated to have the opportunity to talk to Ashley about fitness and life.  Read more…..