Fitness Style Watch: Hard Tail’s Must-Have Collection     K. Anthony

What’s not to love about Hard Tail’s Sportswear collection? For years, they’ve kept their customers stylish and comfy with their premium fabrics and timeless designs.
I was ecstatic, to say the least, when I received my very own Hard Tail outfit which included a pair of their classic roll down pant. I’d been taking a gander at their designs for years, but admittedly, never purchased any of their pieces. In hindsight, I felt as if their collection might be too fashionable to be functional. After one day of wearing my Hard Tail outfit, I immediately realized my intuition was incorrect. Not only was the outfit stylish, but it was extremely comfy and flattering at the same time. I have a lot of different fitness lines in my wardrobe, but this one is by far is NOW one of my faves.  I love the wide assortment of prints and colors. The feel of their material is supreme- designed with plush cotton that gives, yet still offers tremendous stability. Their pieces comfortably hold everything in place, any  indiscretions are masked with ease. The collection offers pieces, ideal for wear- in and out the gym. Perfect for all types of activities from yoga to running and everything in between.
Their dyeing process is also impressive, fade-free colors that wash and wear extremely well with very little noticeable shrinkage.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing anything from Hard Tail’s collection, I would say, with no hesitation, “GO for it!” It’s clear why their collection remains in demand . I’m definitely a fan of this “5- star and a snap” collection.

Have you purchased any Hard Tail pieces? What did you think? Please share!