Full Body Fitness Challenge! 

Happy New Year! Let’s start the new year right.  Here’s a new “full body” challenge to kick start  our fitness success. This time of year is often filled with New Year’s resolutions. Studies show that a third of New Year’s resolvers have fitness and weight loss related goals. Many people head towards their resolutions with excitement and energy, but eventually lose steam somewhere between January and mid year.  How can we make the difference this year? Let’s commit to persevering and accomplishing fitness success in 2014. Stay tuned! We have more great challenges to come. Here’s our new challenge-perfect for beginners to intermediate exercisers.  Feel free to double the quantity you need more intensity. This challenge can be used as a supplemental workout to your normal fitness regimen or as an independent workout. Looking for even more options? Make sure to take a peek at our popular online workout gallery. The goal is to move each day and stick with it. Never, never give up. Let’s stay fit and fabulous this year and beyond.  We also have great giveaways planned for the upcoming year.

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