Our Top Five Fitness Apps for 2014  

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Are you still on track with those goals or do you feel like you’re losing a little steam? Whether you’re on track or have fallen off the beaten path a bit, we’ve found some great fitness apps that are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to staying committed to your fitness/nutrition goals and personal aspirations. These helpful apps are sure to keep your motivation fueled, goals intact and your consistency in check.
Take a peek at our new fitness app faves!

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iMuscle 2

This fun app allows users to access a the image of 3-dimensional human body. You can then tap to  select a muscle area on the image and it provides an array of exercises and stretches. Your preferred exercises  can be added to your workout.  Ideal for varying strength training routines. Lots of terrific options.



Pocket Yoga

This amazing app provides a plethora of yoga poses. Tap the image of the pose and it reveals everything you need to know about it-including its benefits and origins. You’ll even find a variety of animated yoga routines. This app is truly a yogi enthusiast dream!



Fit Radio

What’s a great work out without great music? Those of us who enjoy listening to our favorite tunes while we’re scorching those calories and staying fit.  You can select playlist based on genres or average beats per minute. Pick songs that uniquely compliment your workout.


Clean Plates

Have you been out and about , decided you wanted something yummy and healthy to eat, but had no idea where to find the closest healthy eating establishment? If so, you’ll most definitely appreciate this amazing app. This app covers all of its basis,from vegan to gluten free, Austin to Los Angeles, you’ll find options galore.  Locating a eatery that meets your taste and dietary needs has never been so easy.


7 Minute Workout

No gym, not a problem! This handy app is one of our faves by far. These seven-minute sessions are packed with fun and energy igniting exercises. YouTube video illustrations are also provided.  The Illustrations spotlight a variety of exercises and give step by step instructions. This app brings new meaning to the motto, “no off days”, “no excuses” ! It makes getting and staying fit in 2014 and beyond that much easier and attainable.


Have you tried any of these apps? What did you think? Do you have an app you’ve tried and like that we didn’t mention? Please share in comments below.