Top “9” Fit Date Ideas 


Valentine’s Day is becoming so much more than assorted chocolates, doily hearts and mushy cards.  Studies show that fit couples enjoy participating in fit activities, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In addition, a study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness reported that couples that exercise together are more likely to stick to their exercise routine than those who exercise alone. With that said, here are nine great things to do with your sweetie that are fit and fun at the same time.  Variety is said to be the spice of life, so embarking on a new experience or activity with your date, might prove to be especially rewarding. Be careful, the following “fit” date suggestions are known to  boost heart rates, burn calories, tone bodies and increase overall appeal. After these hot and steamy date options, who knows what lies ahead; some even say fit is the new sexy! Let’s see! Oh, by the way, no valentine? That’s no excuse not to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself to a little T.L.C. or consider rounding up some good friends and participate in one of these fun options.


1.Take a Hike. Go hiking in a scenic location. It can be a tranquil, yet active way to spend a romantic afternoon. A great hiking adventure can offer breathtaking views and wonderful memories.

2.Go for a Twirl.Dancing can definitely make for a great date. It  improves endurance, builds strength, increases flexibility and is commonly known for relieving stress. You may elect for a dance class like: salsa, tango, ballroom, hip hop, square or waltz. Or you may decide to head to a dance club. Either way, dancing is definitely a great way to burn calories, get close and fit on a Valentine’s Day excursion.

3.Rock Climbing. It’s a nice opportunity to enjoy some adventure on your date. Indoor rock climbing walls are becoming increasingly popular or you can elect for an outdoor one if you’re feeling a bit more daring. It’s an awesome way to get those endorphins circulating and adrenaline accelerated.

4. Rollerblading or Ice Skating. Think about it, when was the last time you went skating? Maybe it was current as two days or as late as ten years ago. In any case, it can be extremely physical,and  fun, even if you end up falling all over each other.


5. Take a Spin. Whether you decide to ride together or solo, bicycling can be an ideal and enjoyable way enjoyable to exhilarate a date. The key is to pick a safe riding location that has plenty of bike lanes and picturesque views.

6.Sign up for a fitness class. Whether you decide to take Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Spinning or T25, get prepared to sweat together. You might be reluctant to perspire in front of your date, it might help to remind yourself that it’s all in the spirit of love and fitness!

7. Get a couple’s massage. This might very well be the most relaxing of all of our suggestions. So nice enjoying some quality time, while de-stressing and basking in all of the other wonderful benefits of spa time. Some spas offer Valentine’s specials that may include wine and an assortment of other goodies(strawberries, cucumber water, crackers and cheese).

8. Cook a “healthy” romantic dinner together. Select a healthy recipe you’ve tried or you both have wanted to try, and prepare it together. This can be a healthy and romantic alternative to dining out. In addition it allows you to spend quality time together while you saute, baste or bake your way into a tasty and healthy meal. Who knows, you might even decide to  feed each other a little bit.

9. Trapeze Workout. This is an high intensity activity with a wide range of health benefits. It hones in on areas that are often neglected like enhancing coordination and muscle lengthening. Aerial activities are a nice way to spice up a date and develop aerial skills. Experts say it’s great for improving your mood too because of the rise in oxygen to the brain; making this an all-around perfect date excursion.

What types of fitness activities to you enjoy with your significant other?