Skip Your Way to Great Health!  

Skipping is one of the most underrated forms of exercise. In actuality, it’s a fun, inexpensive and highly effective fat burning workout. Prevention Magazine reported that skipping minus the rope, burns twice as many calories as walking. Skipping workouts are ideal for improving coordination, agility, and general health. Many professional athletes use skipping as part of their daily workout routine. It is considered  a low-impact variation of plyometric jumping, and is included in most conditioning programs in Eastern European countries. It’s a convenient way to- improve stamina, enhance flexibility, and boost coordination and increase muscle tone. It’s also an effective way to better heart rate and blood pressure.
Some people skip for the irrefutable health gains, others skip to lift their moods and reconnect with one of their favorite childhood pastimes.  In any case, skipping is great for the body, mind, and spirit. The benefits it can provide to your general health and mind are numerous. Find out why many workout buffs are re-visiting it and incorporating skipping into their workout regimes. One gander at it’s helpful benefits and you might consider it too!

The Physical Benefits of Skipping

Skipping is perfect for improving cardio-respiratory fitness,  rhythm, and balance. It’s recognized as a an anaerobic and aerobic form of exercise.  It’s also considered helpful in preventing osteoporosis because it reportedly has less impact on your joints than running. Many experts suggest that walkers gradually integrate skipping to their program.

Weight loss is another bonus of skipping for those who are trying to slim down. Skipping allows the body to burn more calories and develops efficient energy system.  It’s a great gym-free option and wonderful way to add some variety to your workouts.

The Mental Benefits of Skipping

The primary benefits of skipping to the brain are heightened mental coordination and alertness.  Both sides of the body and brain are active while you skip which improves your mental capacity to coordinate your body’s motions. Skipping is also instant mood enhancer.  It’s cheery, light, and free,  all of which, contribute to a positive disposition and overall sense of wellness. It’s almost impossible to skip without smiling.

Skipping basics include:

1. Avoid the urge to bounce high into the air. Start with easy, low-to-the-ground skips.  Too much impact can be hard on the seasoned body. Stick with low-impact skips and mindful of your body’s limits.

2. Blend short skipping intervals into walking and/or running routines when you’re first starting out.

3. Wear good running, cross training, or dance sneakers to help absorb impact. Skipping on grassy or dirt terrain is easier on your body than concrete.

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What are your thoughts about skipping? Would you consider incorporating  it into your workout? Please share.