Tone Up and Stay Fit with Our Pant Picks of the Week!       

Looking for some snazzy workout pants that help you tone up those legs, support your joints and prevent muscle  fatigue?  We discovered some workout pants that are in a league of their own. You’ll quickly see these are not your everyday workout tights.  “Stylish workout pants with oodles of purpose and functionality”, that’s what comes to mind when I think of our fitness style watch picks of the week.  Find out what I love most about these loveable pants. 
Opedix Knee-Tec Tights

After sustaining a fractured knee while running last year, I’ve been dealing with knee pain that occasionally flares up when I exercise. The Knee-Tec running tights are comprised of strategically placed compression panels that were designed to provide joint support and slow the onset of muscle fatigue. Opedix developed these well-constructed pants based on years of research and design tweaks. The benefits of these were immediately noticeable. My knee felt much more stable and supported as I cycled away on the stationary bike. They also seemed to enhance my endurance and speed. Granted it’s probably more affordable to purchase knee wrap, but it will hardly be as secure and convenient as these amazing pants. I would highly recommend these pants, great for injury prevention, support and enhance recovery. Good work Opedix!
Rexist 360

Photo by Rexist 360
Pants and specialized resistance
bands are sold separately. Comes with a helpful instructional video too!

You have to see it to believe it! Delivering peak physical condition in less time, Rexist 360 puts the cherry on top of any workout. I wasn’t sure what to think when I first laid eyes on Rexist 360, but I quickly came to understand and appreciate their amazing benefits, thanks to their great instructional video.
Rexist 360 Training Bands are used by Premiere Master Trainer, Shay Kostabi, who’s a Flywheel instructor in NYC. is also had the chance to speak with trainer Shay Kostabi. She shared some of the many benefits and uses of Rexist 360.  Rexist 360 are excellent for the following:
– Increased speed
– Increased agility
-Increased endurance
– Strengthening and conditioning your body
….and  great to do anytime, anywhere!

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After one day of use, I instantly felt the benefits of Rexist 360.  It swiftly took my workout to another level and definitely spruced up my stale stair climbing routine. The burn was real and intense- my body felt great! It’s pretty apparent that ongoing use of these handy, comfortable and wearable resistance bands will reap maximum rewards. Take a peek at video below to watch them work. Follow Shay Kostabi on YouTube to see more.
Check out Shay’s Barre and Bands Video
Watch Rexist 360 at work!