3 Healthy Eating Apps-Just in Time for Spring Leaning   


April is recognized by many as the month for spring cleaning. A common practice which involves a thorough cleaning of the house typically in the springtime, hence the name”spring” cleaning. So what’s “spring leaning?” Well, that’s a term we coined to reflect healthy eating  and fit living in spring and hopefully year round. Spring is the perfect time of year to check in on those New Year’s resolutions. At this point, they might be in need of a little dusting off and maybe some freshening up as well. Here are 3 great apps that are sure to renew those New Year’s Resolutions giving them just the revitalization they just might need to be accomplished.    

Lose It
Lose it will help you lose that stubborn extra weight that keeps sticking around. It helps you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goals. Its by far one of the best calorie counter and weight loss apps available. Added bonuses: compatible with NikeFuel , track steps with your phone using our in-app step counter (iPhone 5S only)* and allows you to keep a diary or journal of your weight loss with notes.
Available for Android andiPhone.


This app will help you learn all about superfoods which are food with high phytonutrient conten.  It is a food considered especially nutritious and beneficial to health and well-being. Phytochemicals are chemical compounds, such as beta-carotene to cite one well known example, that occur naturally in plants. The term is generally used to refer to those chemicals that may affect health, but are not established as essential nutrients.

Available for Android and iPhone.


A virtual nutritionist
on the go! Nutrino is a food recommendation app that learns your habits and preferences and provides you with a personalized healthy and delicious meal plan. Enabling you to eat healthy practically anywhere and at anytime!
Available for iPhone. Google version in progress.
What’s your favorite fitness or healthy eating app? Please share below.