Secrets to Everyday Exercise Motivation   


Self-motivation doesn’t have to be complex, but most times it is. Assembling all your deviating thoughts together can be as difficult as breaking ice with your palm.  Self motivation can potentially become more complicated as you concentrate on specific goals, like burning that extra fat around your belly or toning jiggly arms.  You’ve come to realize that lying on the couch  is not the most ideal form of exercise. You also know that exercising would make you look and feel better. Yet, you decide to spend some extra hours resting with cheese burst pizza’s which have mysteriously found their way to your snack plate.  For many, the main problem is that they consider exercising as an obligation versus a luxury or reward. Our perspective on exercise truly sculpts our ability to follow it through and actually enjoy it in the process. Here are some tips that may help to ignite your fitness motivation, with exercise and a hearty dose of determination they will  inevitably transport you to your desired fitness destination or very close to it.1.) Wake up

And get dressed straightaway! The best way to motivate the lazy soul lying deep within you is by getting up from a bed early and by performing a pre-workout. Set a simple pre-workout routine to which even a child would feel shy to say no to. After leaving your bed, head straightaway to your wardrobe, take the gym essentials out, get dressed, look up for yourself in the mirror, and say that yes even you can do it. Pre-workout will act as a motivation to commence the better part, i.e. exercising.

2.) Go shopping

Do you remember how die hardly you wanted to study when your parents brought a new stationary kit when you were a kid? In the same manner, classy new gym clothes and an alluring new gym bag would motivate you to workout, without a slightest hint of doubt. Due to a psychological phenomenon, we are attracted towards new things in an enthusiastic manner. And when your wardrobe is equipped with trendy gym clothes and other gym essentials, you will feel an urge to go out there and burn all the enthusiasm on the treadmill for good. Gym clothes are a significant component of every workout. They also play a part in maintaining the right body temperature and protect you from muscle related injuries.

3.) Fix a schedule

The first and foremost task on how to motivate yourself into an exercise routine you’ll actually stick to is by planning a strict workout schedule. Once you are done with it, stick the schedule in your bedroom, study room, toilet, kitchen, and anywhere you find space in your house.

Always have your gym bag prepared. There are couple of essentials like pre- workout snack, music, gym gloves and towel that you should carry every time. It will make your exercising more comfortable and help you be more disciplined.

4.) Don’t push too hard

A simple workout for 2 to 3 times a week would do well for a beginner like you. Pushing too hard on the treadmill, or trying to pull weight more than your physical capacity would only make you sick. The terrible feeling of breaking a tendon or pulling a hamstring will rather push you away from the gym. So, it is always sensible to stick to a light exercise schedule in the beginning. Do not work out for more than 15 minutes at a stretch in the initial days. Gradually increase the duration of work out.

5.) Just enjoy it

Whatever you do in the gym, do it with a happy mind-set. Don’t be stressed while working out. That’s your time to release pressure and stress, not gain or retain it.  Every person feels an urge to move away from the treadmill when his heart beat reaches the peak level. But, this situation can be avoided if you can look for a way to divert your thoughts from getting tired to getting energetic. Listening to music is considered a very good tool to keep you happy all the way round. And if you can include fun activities in between your different workouts, it would be an icing on the cake.

So, try to keep your exercise goals simple and clear. You will be required to challenge your aspirations, your daily schedule, your lifestyle, but they will only lead to a happier and fitter life. And you never know when this motivation takes you to a professional level. Or may be the girl next door will not show you her back this time around.