Summer Fitness Essentials

A normal workout can quickly transform into a challenging feat while exercising outdoors in the summer.  Working out during the hot summer months can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. On extremely hot days, it’s best to exercise in the early morning or late evening to avoid the scorching part of the day. The experts also recommend exercising in the shade, wearing light weight and minimal clothing, using sunscreen and staying hydrated. We found some great products, ideal for the hot weather- sure to keep you energized and cool during your steamy summer workouts.

1. Avex Sport Double Insulated Brazos Bottle $7 This handy bottle has double insulation to keep water two times colder.
2. ThermaCool Resistance Headband Water activated, cooler headband made from “Thermo-Cool” a material that quickly cools when wet.
3.Cool Off Ultra Soft Cooling Towelettes Citrus Ice $7 Natural cooling towelettes that will help to cool, refresh and rejuvenate you’re  during the heat index is on the rise.
4.  Mighty Power Cooler Top $45  This sporty top has a built in chill factor. The tiny blue circles activate when wet.
5. Enduracool Towel  $15 A convenient towel-ideal for exercising during the hot weather months. It instantly cools to 30 degrees below the average body  temperature.
6. Cool Point Palm Pads $19 These palm pads can be frozen for 4 hours or until gel is frozen then held in palm of your hand with straps . Cooling the hand will stimulate thermoregulation signals to the brain which has been proven to improve athletic performance and delay fatigue.
7. Better You B12 Green Tea Spray $12 A quick spritz  will has been proven reduce fatigue and improve memory and concentration- an instant energy treat.
8. Oakley Disupute $130  No slip shades offer security and style.
9. UA Flyweight T-Shirt $30  This light weight shirt is equipped with sun protection to keep skin safe and panels to help you stay cool.