Top 7 Natural Summer Skin Tips

The Summer is here! And so are those happy Summer days with endless outdoor picnics, barbeques and beach days. However, being out in the hot sun can quickly take a toll on our skin. Below are a few tips on how you can keep your skin fresh, dewy and protected without minimizing your Summer’s fun!

1. Ditch harsh cleansers
Sebum, which acts as a natural skin’s moisturizer and protectant, is actually „the good guy“. You might find unappealing that it makes the makeup “float away” from your face in minutes after applying it, however, sebum is a huge necessity for skin‘s flexibility and balance. Too much or too little sebum can unbalance your skin, so use gentle soap-free, fragrance-free cleansers with botanical ingredients that will remove all impurities and dirt without sacrificing hydration.
Recommended: One Love Organics Chia Whip Fragrance Free Cleanser.

2. Don’t forget a moisturizer
A daily exposure to the sun and humid weather can deplete moisture from the skin pretty quickly, so Summer is the season when the skin needs the most hydration. Don’t skip the moisturizing part in your beauty regime, your skin will thank you for that. Choose a light, non-greasy day moisturizer, preferably with mineral SPF protection and soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera or Green Tea Extract, which absorbs easily, doesn’t clog skin pores and leaves the skin incredibly dewy.
Recommended: Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser With SPF30.

3. Spritz your face
Occasional face misting with an alcohol-free toner or flower water is a quick and effective way to cool down and revive the skin (note: avoid doing so in direct sun). Look for lavender, rose or chamomile mists as these ingredients are very effective for providing moisture for dehydrated skin. Additionally, you can mist your pulse points and the back of your neck.
Recommended: Skin Guru Be Calm Organic Hydrating Mist or make a quick homemade soothing mist by adding 1 table spoon of Aloe Vera juice and 2 table spoons of rosewater to a bottle of still mineral water.

4. Shield your skin with non-toxic sunblock
Choose a sunscreen with physical blockers (mineral filters like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide) rather than a sunscreen with chemical blockers (like Oxybenzone). The difference between these ingredients is that mineral filters protect the skin from the sun by deflecting or blocking the sun’s rays while chemical filters work by absorbing them. This means mineral filters are less likely to irritate the skin. More good points to mineral filters go for not causing free radicals and being more photostable, which means they are effective longer.
According to EWG (Environmental Working Group), sunscreens should also be free of retinyl palmitate (a type of vitamin A), protect against both – UVA and UVB sunrays and fall in a range between SPF15 to SPF50.
Recommended: John Masters Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF30.

5. Use a protective lip balm
Our lips are often undeservedly forgotten. A moisturizing natural lip balm that has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection will keep your lips safe and kissable.
Recommended: Lavera SPF 10 Sun Lip Balm.6. Hydrate with water
With hot weather, comes a greater risk of dehydration. 8 – 10 daily glasses of cool water will keep you well hydrated and your body temperature down. Better yet, choose lemon water. Lemon is a well-known natural energizer, so not only it will keep you well, but also will flush out unwanted toxins from your body keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Also, the delicious flavor will encourage you to keep drinking!
Recommended: plain water + Lemon juice (optional).


7. Try a soothing face mask
A soothing mask is a quick and effective way to calm down and pamper your skin by retaining moisture. It will also help to bounce back from unwanted sunburns.
Recommended: Kimberly Sayer Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Organic Facial Mask or try a homemade Oatmeal mask (mix 1/3 cup of Oatmeal with 2 teaspoons of water or milk) and Aloe Vera mask (mix ¼ cup of Aloe Vera juice with a small peeled blended Cucumber).