12 Organic Beauty Tricks….That Work!

1. Dry Shampoo
Ran out of dry shampoo, no worries try your laundry’s spray starch. It works just as well and smells clean!
2. Staticky Hair
Does your hair look like you were struck by lightening. Your first instinct may be to grab some products. Try rubbing your hair down with a dryer sheet. It wont weigh your hair down, and it will leave it smelling heavenly.
3. Dry Cuticles
Ditch the expensive oils, and try using lip gloss or balm
4. Makeup Remover
Expensive makeup removers that are full of chemicals…who needs them! Just use coconut oil. A dab of this with a cotton ball will have your face make up free and moisturized!
5. Shaving Cream
Did you run out? Don’t fret try conditioner or baby oil. They work just a good and leave you skin soft and moisturized.
6. Chaffing
Do your thighs chaff in the summer months from the constant friction? Try rubbing deodorant in the suffering areas.
7. Eyeliner No More
Skip this step by applying mascara and focusing on the root of your lashes. Not only does this make your lashes seem fuller, it give you the same dark line effect around your lid.
8. Matte Lips
Ever wondered what your favorite lipstick color looked like matte? Try applying your regular lipstick, press a piece of 1 ply paper towel between your lips, and then dust translucent loose powder over them. Works like a charm!
9. Nail Polish
Want that summer pink to look super pink? You can make any nail color more vibrant by doing a base coat with white polish.
10.  Bobby Pin Blues
Freshly straightened hair doesn’t hold bobby pins too well. If you are dealing with bobby pins that are slipping all over the place try spraying them with hair spray first. The stickiness will help them to stay put!
11. Business Card Lash Liner Trick
Do you suck at lining your eyes? Try taking a business card and using it as a guide. This is especially helpful for preventing liner smudges while doing your lower lid.
12. Brow gel alternative
Have you run out of your favorite brow gel? Try taking your handy lip balm and running it across your brows. Take your spooly to tame.
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