7 Quick,Last-Minute Fourth of July Recipe Ideas

Is it just me or did Fourth of July come especially quick this year? With that said, so did everything else involved with preparing for this exciting day.  So, what to cook? Here are some quick, easy and tasty meal ideas I found that should help and did I mention they look absolutely amazing too? Enjoy!

Fruity Fireworks Pancakes


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Why not start the day with this gorgeous, delicious and easy preparation breakfast dish? What a great way to say hello to this amazing holiday. Click here for recipe by

Homemade Barbeque Sauce


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Okay, let’s start with the obvious. Every great barbeque dish needs great sauce. Here’s a recipe that’s delish and super easy to make. Click here for the yummy recipe by Halfbakedharvest. com

Barbeque Tumeric Chicken with Green Mango and Cabbage Salad


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These are two mouth is is a mouthwatering dishes.  You hardly need anything else with the combination of the two.  Click here for the recipe by

Grilled Sweet Potatoes


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Have you ever tried grilled sweet potatoes? If not, today’s a perfect day to give it a shot.  Take my word for it-they’re amazing and this recipe is a breeze! Click here for recipe by

Red, White and Blueberry Lemonade


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We can’t forget the beverages.  Here’s a colorful and healthy twist on a traditional favorite.   Packed with anti-oxidants, this beverage is truly a beauty and an equally tasty treat. nailed it with this one! Click here for the recipe.

Patriotic Salad with Quinoa and Berries


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I can earnestly say is that I heart this salad.  If you’re having guest, this will most certainly be a winning dish.  This salad is not only beautiful, but it’s extra healthy too with Quinoa as a bonus ingredient. Recipe by

Berry Crisp Parfait



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Looking for a sweet,yet healthy way to add the finishing touch to this wonderful holiday. Here’s a perfect finale by