Eating the “Raw” Way: Raw Cacao Pudding Recipe

I love chocolate. There is nothing that can compare to chocolate. When you are craving chocolate you want chocolate, nothing else will do in its place. I think I can 100% guarantee that I could never give up chocolate. I think a lot of you can agree as well! Chocolate isn’t necessarily an unhealthy food. In fact the chocolate I eat is completely healthy and to some is classified as super food. Just make sure you are picky when it comes to what chocolate you will put in your body. For me, I make sure it is at least 80% dark chocolate. From this chocolate love you just recently learned about it, it is to no surprise that I fell in love with this raw chocolate pudding. It is super easy and leaves you guilt free.

There are many variations to this recipe but I find this one to be the most simplistic and delicious without too much sugar and calories.

The key to achieving the right sweetness to is to make sure you use very ripe bananas. Maybe to the point where you would questions eating it by itself and instead put it in a smoothie or better yet for us today…pudding.

My personal favorite


Raw Cacao Pudding

-1 organic medium ripe avocado
-1 large ripe bananas
-4 TBS raw cacao powder (my fav is sunfoods raw chocolate powder)

Place all the ingredients into a food processor or high speed blender

Blend until smooth

Place in frig for at least a hour. I have learned that it takes some time for the delicious flavor to develop. Also, pudding taste best when it’s chilly.