Fitness Style Watch: Swimsuit Guide

For many, summer and swimming go hand- in-hand. Swimming is an ideal way retreat from the hot summer sun, an excellent form of relaxation and a terrific way to stay fit. Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a tough job. What looks fabulous on that cute little swimsuit store hanger, may not look as fierce in that brightly lit and ever so telling, dressing room mirror. Follow these simple tips to find the right swimsuit on your next swimwear shopping excursion.

1. Choose colors and prints that compliment your skin tone.

Pick the right colors and fabrics that flatter your complexion. Primary colors like reds and blues look great on medium color toned skin. Pastels and lighter shades accentuate lighter skin. Bright colors, prints and white look fabulous on darker skin tones.  When in doubt, you can always play it safe with black- it looks great on everyone.

2. Find a fit that flatters your figure.

Picking the right cut and design is important. It’s essential that you take in consideration your body type when selecting a swimsuit that makes you look your best. Typically, swimsuit sizes run a tad bit smaller than regular dress sizes.  Most times, it’s best to go with a snug versus loose suit. Swimwear material tends  stretch and most suits come with adjustable features, especially the ones that have better craftsmanship.

Take a little time to test drive your options, walk around the fitting room, sit, stand-make sure it comfortably keeps your assets in place.

High-waisted bottoms and dark colored one piece swimsuits are ideal for concealing a not-so-slender waistline. Boy shorts are super for apple or banana shapes, they tend to make hips look wider and can help you look proportioned. High-cut bikinis are terrific for adding length to the legs which is perfect for longer torsos or shorter women.  Halter-tops, tie-front or triangle tops are great for smaller chest. They can make the chest appear larger. Larger bust lines look best with support, you can’t go wrong with underwire cups and wide straps.

3. Take care of your suit.

There are several things you might be doing or not doing to your bathing suit that could diminish its longevity. Spandex or other stretchy fabrics  can react badly to pool chemicals or the heat of the sun.

Try gently scrubbing your suit by hand. Washing machines can demolish delicate swimwear resulting in a stretched or faded suit. Soak your suit for 15 minutes in a sink full of lukewarm water with mild soap for delicate fabric.

Avoid wringing your suit. Lie it flat to dry-avoiding sunlight which can cause colors to fade and zap the zest out of your suit.

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