Healthy Snacks Delivered to Your Door: The Feed Review & Giveaway!

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what to eat before and after workout.  The Feed is an awesome service that provides one-on-one nutrition coaching and education to customers. They are committed to helping to educate individuals about what they should put in their bodies, when, and why.  Working with people from all fitness and performance levels. Whether you enjoy cycling, running, swimming, yoga, crossfit, skiing or just generally getting your body moving, their services will help enhance and maximize your physical performance abilities.



Wholesome goodness in a box!



Check out all these healthy goodies!


I was so excited to receive my Pro Box.  It arrived conveniently packed with an assortment of healthy snacks and goodies.  A mix of great tasting nutrition, which make for the ideal hydration and recovery before, during and after your workouts, as well as some great on-the-go snacks. A hand-picked variety of  great products, some of which I was familiar with and others I’d never seen. It looked like what I’d refer to as a healthy snack smorgasbord.  I had a tough time deciding which one to try first.  I opted for one  I’d never tried, the Pro Bar Wholeberry Blast. It was amazingly filling and delish! I’m looking forward to putting all of these tasty goodies to good use.

The Feed is an excellent tool to keep you aligned nutritionally and physically with your fitness objectives. They bring convenience and education to on-the-go athletes everywhere, and help take the guesswork out of sports nutrition. It’s certainly nice having a hand-picked, box show up at your door each month. It makes it that much easier to eat healthier, train harder, and see results faster.


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