How to Sweatproof Your Make-up

 Who says you can’t beat that face even in the heat? Well I am here to tell you, YOU CAN! No worries, runny face won’t be on your list of issues this summer. Just follow these great sweat proofing tips for your daily make-up routine.

1. Go Light

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is especially important if you are planning to wear waterproof makeup, as it can be very drying. But be conscious of how heavy it is. If the moisturizer is too heavy it will cause you to sweat. For the summer months try a serum base moisturizer, as they tend to be lightweight. You should also consider how heavy your foundation is. Try buying a sheer coverage foundation, reminding yourself that the heavier it is the more TRAGIC the sweat situation will be!

2. Primer

Primer is especially important in the summer. Make sure to apply prior to your foundation application. The primer clings to your foundation and keeps it from melting off your face. If no moisturizer or primer is readily available opt for a BB cream with an SPF.

3. Don’t Forget Your Eyes!

You need to prime your eye lids too. Otherwise, you will have eye makeup that does a disappearing act or that strange creasy look by mid-day.

4. Waterproof Eye Makeup

Waterproof makeup for the eyes in the summer time is the best route to go. You can find eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara that is waterproof. This will avoid drippy eyes. YIKES!

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