Simple Summer Salads

Summer has officially arrived. As the temperatures increase, the sun shines more and happiness surrounds us. When my environment shifts more in this direction, nothing seems more fitting than a nice summer salad. Nothing compares to a healthy and refreshing salad on a hot summer day.  Here are  some of my favorite go-to, simple summer salads.


Summer Salad Basics:
-fresh organic spinach or kale
-organic berries
-feta, goat or blue cheese
-light dressing
-slivered nuts
-tropical fruit

My number one rule is to create a rainbow in my bowl. After all, who doesn’t enjoy looking at a rainbow?

Below is a list of ingredients to throw in a bowl. Since everyone eats different amounts of food, feel free to make the portion you prefer.

Keep It Simple Salad

-baby spinach
-light raspberry vinaigrette sprayed on not poured (helps with portion control)

Triple Berry Salad

-kale massaged in avocado oil or any other oil on hand (softens up the kale)
-slivered or shaved almonds
-goat cheese
-no dressing needed with the massaged kale

More Satisfying Tropical Salad

-cooked red quinoa (remember to create color)
-lime juice

Cherry Pie Salad

-dried no sugar added cherries
-chicken breast
-feta cheese

Photo courtesy of by Francesco Tonelli

Photo courtesy of by Francesco Tonelli

For more great recipes, check out 101 Simple Salads for the Season by Mark Bittman