Six-Pack Abs Challenge!

We all want to have a flat stomach, especially in the summer when it’s bikini season! Whether you are just getting started on your fitness journey, or you want to supplement your current workout with this challenge, anyone can join in!
Commit to the next 30 days to feel the burn in your core! These ab exercises can be done anywhere, in a short amount of time, with no equipment needed. So what’s your excuse for not doing it?


Aren’t sure how to do these exercises? Watch the helpful video below to get more detailed instruction on each one.

You will start off with just a few of each exercise and work your way up. The end of the month may seem like a huge challenge now, but you will be surprised by the progress you make through the month!

If you would like to be connected to a virtual accountability group to support you through this Six-Pack Abs Challenge, sign up here.  You will make friends with others who have your same goal!
Share your experiences and let us know how things are going through the challenge! Good luck!