9 Rules For Warm Weather Makeup Routine

August is the last month of official Summer season! However, there‘s still  time to enjoy the lingering hot weather fun! I don’t know how about you, but I always find it difficult to choose the right make-up products for this season, so I thought I would share my rules for a beautiful, carefree summer look:

1. Go bare-faced
This is probably the most important rule for summer – you don’t need make-up! Let your skin breath. Let it be your skin without a heavy layer of foundation. Not only you will look natural and fresh, but also your skin will thank you for the time off from make-up. However, don’t skip cream or lotion with SPF, now it‘s the most important time to protect your skin from harsh sun rays.

2. Switch to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream
If you still want to even out your skin tone, choose tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of your usual foundation. It looks and, most importantly, feels lighter and more natural on your face. There are so many tinted moisturizers to choose from these days, depending on your skin type and tone, so it won’t be hard to find THE ONE.

3. Choose neutral, light make-up colors for the day…
Yes, summer is the time when you want to go crazy and bright. However, bright make-up is way harder to keep under control and presentable on the hot days. Pick light, soft colors and you will always look polished and ready. Combine the look with beautiful beachy hair.

4. … and bold, fun colors for the evening
Experiment! Is there something you have always wanted to try, but were too shy? Well, it’s summer, you don’t need a special occasion for bold lips anymore. It’s nice to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while, so don’t be afraid to use that lipstick now (P.S. orange is the top choice for this summer!).

5. Strike with your brows
Neat trimmed brows make the face look flattering. But neat bold brows, on the other hand, make the face look not only beautiful, but youthful and more defined. Fix your bold color with eyebrow wax to make it last through the day.

6. Prevent melting
We’ve all been there – trying to fix our messy make-up after an hour or two after applying it. Although, not much can be done about it if your skin gets very oily or if the heat melts your make-up in minutes after getting outside, but some actions can delay the melting. First of all, use a primer. Don’t forget to apply it on your eyelids as well, these areas tend to get oily too. Second, always have blotting paper and mineral foundation in your purse.

7. Add some glow
“There’s enough oil on my face for summer” – you might think. However, highlighting your temples, cheeks and under eyes will make your face look more fresh. Just don’t use a highlighter for your whole face, as it will most likely be too much.

8. Pick a bronzer instead a blush
For most of us, the heat will bring out pink in cheeks anyway, so ditch a blush and choose a bronzer instead. You can do so many things with it: shape your face, make it slightly more tanned and dewy or use it as a soft eye shadow.

9. Don’t forget your nails
Having your nails painted pretty is always nice, but summer is time when you can show your mani-pedi in full swing! Don’t just stop at bright reds, choose neon, pastel or glitter nail polishes – the possibilities are unlimited!


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