Raw Kale Chips Recipe

I love food that crunches! Raw Kale Chips are one of the few things that have satisfied my urge to crunch, like that you can get from a chip. What is even more awesome about this wonderful snack is that it is even popping up on restaurant menus. Seeing the food industry switch to healthier options always gives me a warm feeling inside. Kale Chips also come with a pretty penny at the stores too. Well I am here to share with you, how you can make them at a small fraction of the cost.

Raw Kale Chips 101

All you’ll need is the following:


-Organic bundle of kale-any kind of kale works, I personally like to use curly.

-2 TBS Coconut Oil-melted

-Nutritional Yeast nutritionalyeastflakes mygotobrand


Remove the Kale leaves from the thick stem. Then tear the kale leaves into decent size pieces. A little larger than bite size is ideal, because they will shrink while under the heat.

-Place Oil into a bowl and add Kale. Massage the Oil into the Kale. The oil will go a long way, just keep massaging. Get your hands in there and don’t be afraid to work the oil into the Kale

-On an oiled baking sheet (if using the oven) or on the dehydrator trays (if using dehydrator), spread the Kale into a thin layer, with no leaves on top of on another.

-Sprinkle Nutritional Yeast all over the leaves. Don’t be afraid to put a good layer of yeast on the Kale. The Nutritional Yeast will give the Kale Chips a ‘cheesy’ flavor. -Two options for making kale chips. Oven (technically not raw, but not completely dismissed): one hour at 200 degrees

-Check them periodically and adjust the time until they are crisp…they can burn pretty quickly Dehydrator: dehydrate at 115 degrees for about 8 hours -Putting them in before bed, especially if there is no timer on your dehydrator, makes them perfect to wake up to in the morning.