Tees by Tina Review

There’s nothing like being comfortable while you exercise. On the contrary, wearing clothes that make you feel uneasy and cause discomfort can make for a non-productive workout. Tees by Tina obviously recognized there was a need for fitness clothes that were not only comfortable, but flattering too!
I must admit, I was a teeny bit skeptical upon receiving my first Tees by Tina outfit. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially being that their collection was comprised of “one size fits most” apparel and we all know that’s not always the best thing.


I was pleasantly surprised when I received these adorable  Sorbtek Tie Dye Capri  and Sorbtek Racer Back Tank.  At first glance, they looked adorable. With further inspection, I found the quality to be exceptional-plush material and terrific craftsmanship.  And then I was on to the “pull it on test.” That’s how I refer to the effort it takes to put them on. Some tights look great and appear comfy, but they surprisingly tell a different story when you attempt to put them on. These pants did nothing of the sort-they pulled on comfortably and conformed to curves with ease.   The material was giving in all the right areas, resulting in a superb fit. The Sorbtek Racer Back Tank stood to the “pull it on” test too! It had that same unmistakable, buttery soft material and splendid fit.
These basics are perfect alone, or ideal as a layered piece with other garments. The true test was going to come by way of a good workout. How would they stand up to my intense cardio session?  I’m happy to report, they successfully stood up to the sweat and cardio test. My favorite part was how they stayed in place, minus any unnecessary tugging, pulling and embarrassing sweat marks.

Photo courtesy of Tees by Tina

The media can’t seem to get enough of their collection and it’s evident why they’re so popular. Their line has been spotted in several publications such as: Glamour magazine, Redbook magazine, Oprah magazine and Life & Style magazine. Fashion insiders have raved about their line.  You’ll  even spot celebrities like Regina King, Jaime Pressly, Nievy Nash, Kelly Rutherford and Lynn Curtain sporting their Tees by Tina gear.   It’s grown increasingly  clear that Tees by Tina had a great reputation and have become a highly recognized apparel line that is made for women of all shapes and body types, seeing is truly believing when it comes to their activewear line. Their clothes make for great wear in and out of the gym-lots of versatility. They have an assortment of terrific pieces in their collection.  Click here to view their collection. I’m certain you’ll find at least one item that you will want to purchase and make your own.