Interview with Olympic Gold and Bronze Medal Snowboarder Kelly Clark


A three-time Olympic medalist – gold in 2002 and bronze in both 2010 and now 2014 – Kelly Clark has become the most dominant athlete in her sport and continues to be a trailblazer. The Vermont native has successfully pushed the innovation and amplitude of her riding abilities to new heights, making notable history and breaking non-stop records in snowboarding.

  Clark became the first woman to successfully complete a 1080 on the women’s halfpipe. In 2013, Clark celebrated her 60th career win, collecting more wins than any male or female snowboarder. In 2014 she added her seventh Burton US Open win, her fifth Sprint U.S. Grand Prix tour title and her fourth World Snowboarding Tour title to her collection of wins.
Find out more about Clark’s incredible journey and how she maintains an accomplished career, oversees her successful foundation and stays committed to her rigorous training schedule while attaining her goals.Take a look at how she made it to the top and how she’s managed to stay there. Clark is truly a force to be reckoned with-meet our fit, fabulous and fierce woman of the week- Kelly Clark.
FG:How did you get your start with snowboarding?
KC: I grew up in a small mountain town in Vermont so naturally my Dad had me out on the hill when I was 2 skiing and I started snowboarding when I was 7. I always say I started snowboarding before it was cool, there was no such thing as the Xgames and snowboarding was not an Olympic sport.
FG: When did you know or realize you we’re passionate about this sport?
 KC: I never wanted to compete when I started. I recorded the 1998 Olympics and I watched it after school. While watching snowboarding as an Olympic sport I had  one of those moments where I said this is what I want to do with with my life.  I have been chasing that dream down ever since.  I love that you can never been the best or arrive in snowboarding- it is constantly changing and progressing. I think that is why I love it after 15 Xgames appearances and 4 Olympic teams.
FG: What does your workout consist of when you’re training?
 KC: My training is pretty full on, especially in the lead up to winter. I work with a trainer from the US team via an app on my phone that gets updated daily. It is 6 days on and 1 rest day each week. I have 2 strength days, 2 agility days, 5 days of core, 5 days of mobility and 4 days of cardio. So all those days stack up differently each day but it keeps it interesting and it keeps me in physical form to handle just about anything that comes my way.
FG: What is your favorite form or types of exercise/s?
KC:  I spend a good deal of time in the gym but I prefer to fit in my exercise in while doing other outdoor activities that keep me in shape. Road biking, trail running and surfing are some of my activities that I do to have fun outdoors and keep in shape. If that docent happen because I have been on the road too much- I found I a good way to fit in a workout at a hotel is to run the stairs. You can get as creative as you want with the footwork and go for speed or duration.
FG: What does your diet consist of?
 KC: I try to eat Healthy and balanced, but I don’t have strict rules about what I can and can not eat. I love juicing and I make a lot of smoothies. And I usually gage my intake by how much output I have that is a good rule of thumb for anyone.  During heavy workout weeks I just keep eating, but during my recovery weeks and low intensity work outs I don’t eat as much.
FG: How do you stay motivated on tough training days? 
KC: I remember where I want to go. If I have the big picture perspective it helps me get through the day to day. If it is cold, or I am sore or just not motivated I remember that Ill be at the XGames or the Olympics. Just that reminder justifies me getting it in gear.
FG: What do you enjoy doing do in your free time? How do you unwind?
 KC: Down time? We don’t have a lot of it 🙂 But I like to spend time out on my boat, wake surfing or just hanging reading. I also play Golf when I have time off- keeps me challenged and entertained.
FG: What’s next on Kelly’s agenda (competitions,events etc..)? Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
 KC: I am off to New York City, Korea and Japan this week alone. I hope for a little down time after that and then the snow will start flying in November and my training starts up during Thanksgiving. And then from December –March I will be in contest mode with the Dew Tour, Grand Prix, Xgames and Burton Open events. Ten Years from now? I hope I am still doing something I love. And I am sure snowboarding will still be in the mix….it’s more than a sport… it’s a lifestyle.
FG: Special thanks to Kelly Clark for taking the time to chat with us. We wish you the best in all of your endeavors. Keep up the amazing work!
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