Meet Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak, Co-Founders of Carbon38

Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak are no strangers to the world of fitness fashion. This dynamic “fitness” duo met in ballet class before reconnecting at Harvard University. Warner Johnson has since emerged as one of the nation’s acclaimed trainers, well known for shaping the bodies of Emmy Rossum and Demi Moore. Gogolak’s expertise in fashion led to positions in the corporate offices of Yves Saint Laurent and Intermix. She’s also a certified yoga teacher. Along with their Los Angeles-based team, Warner Johnson and Gogolak have successfully managed to deliver a premier destination for the most fashion-forward activewear on the market. They are avid believers in fashion that easily conforms to active and modern lifestyles yet provides quality and utility. Good news! Carbon 38 will debut their exclusive fitness collection, late this year.



FG: How did Carbon 38 come about?

C38: Katie and I started this business about a year and a half ago.

FG: What was the mission behind it?

C38: We wanted to show something different and edgier.

FG: How do you guys stay so fit?

C38: We workout in the morning and try to get enough sleep.

FG: What does that workout consist of?

C38:  We usually workout in the morning. I do a lot of dance for cardio and Katie does a lot of running and Barre exercises.

FG: What are some of your go-to clothing lines that work with your workouts?

C38: All of our lines are great. We typically pick fitness wear that works best with the type of workout we’re doing. We’re also excited about our carbon 38 label. We have a cool basketball and more basic pieces come out to bring to our audience and also to our personal

FG: That’s wonderful! When can we get it?

C38: Hopefully in the next three or four weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

FG: What do your diets consist of?

C38: We eat a lot of KIND bars. We also like Greek yogurt with honey for a snack. We try to eat a lot of vegetables during the day. We maintain a pretty healthy yet basic diet.

FG: Do you ladies practice any special diets like, vegan, gluten-free or paleo?

C38:  Katie eats a Paleo diet.

FG: What’s next for Carbon 38?

C38: We’re just trying to manage our ongoing growth. We have some amazing new styles coming out for the holidays. We’re just trying to keep doing what were doing because it’s been working for us.

FG: Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with FG. We’re looking forward to your new line and fun fall collections. Keep up the great work!


Check out their new collection!

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