Pilates for Injury Prevention

Pilates is a technique developed by Joseph Pilates with an approach to exercises that focused on six core principles:

pilatesnew2Photo by: sweat.burnthis.com

In the beginning Pilates was used a lot as a method to rehabilitate injuries. Today Pilates has added more value than just an injury rehabilitation, but a great workout by itself with an added bonus that it helps injury prevention AND is a great way to rehabilitate an injury.

Some of the same principles are used in Pilates as those that are used to help injured athletes recuperate. With Pilates the focus is on controlling the movement. Controlling the moment is just that, your mind and body are completely in tune to what the body is doing and just not moving because it needs to without some sort of thought, so as to prevent further injury to the body. Pilates is low-impact and does not induce inflammation and overuse syndromes. Pilates allows the body to increase in strength and improve flexibility.

Pilates is being used by more athletes as a means to crosstrain-by adding in a varied amount of exercise movements and balance techniques. By strengthening the core muscles, Pilates helps to teach the body more efficient and balanced movement. When the body is used to doing the same thing over and over again, which is prevalent in sports, muscle imbalances occur. Injuries can occur a lot easier when certain muscles have to work harder than others. Active bodies who have better core strength and balance in their muscles, are thought to have better dynamic control of their movements, and are less likely to sustain injuries.