5 Fitness Trends That Are Here to Stay!

Looking for some new fun and fit activities to try? Have you ever considered Krav Maga or Wakeboarding? Not quite familiar with these particular activities…no worries! We’re going to give you some fun facts about them, as well as a few other fun fitness options you might want to try. Remember integrating new activities into your workout routine will help you push through your plateau. You might find out you’re great at doing something that you didn’t even think you would be good at.  Let’s explore some of the latest fitness trends. Find out why fitness enthusiasts are jumping on board with some of the latest fitness trends and riding the wave!

Krav Maga


Krav Maga is a unique method of self-defense based on street fighting. It includes a great deal of forceful punching and kicking. You learn how to use your body to generate force with strong movements. Many refer to it as an insane head-to-toe cardio and strength workout.

Obstacle Races


Obstacle races have doubled their popularity in the past few years. An estimated 4 million people participated in a mud run in 2013. And although they may look a bit tough and tad intimidating, most race newcomers report love at first try, especially if they prepared for the challenges.  They’re are several ways you can prepare for these action packed races. Here’s a few tips that might help you get started.

Pole Dancing


Pole Dancing used to be exclusively associated with a clubs or striptease. Now it’s gone a step further, considered one of the more popular body sculpting workouts on the fitness scene. Pole Dancing classes have been proven to define muscles, increase strength and flexibility. Pole Dancing fitness fans report it to be a challenging but fun workout. It tends to be most popular with individuals who enjoy dancing. It’s an ideal way to add some sensuality to your workout routine -a nice way to sweat. Check out this great pole dancing basics videos!



Wakeboarding involves riding a short, wide board similar to a surfboard and performing acrobatic movements while being towed by a motorboat. Many wakeboarders say that zipping across the water pushes you out of your comfort zone. The bent-knee stance on the board engages the gluteus maximus and hamstrings, all of which partner to shape those glutes. Here are some great tips for beginners .



Kayaking is a super way to tone your upper body. Body sculpting is just a splash away with this water workout that targets deltoids and muscles, resulting in more definition of the shoulders and back. Pushing and pulling against the water lengthens and tones muscles, adding a little twist from the waist while paddling will also work those obliques. How’s that for a three for one deal? Here are some kayaking basics that might be helpful to know.

Are you ready to try one of these fitness activities or have you already tried one or more of them? Please share your thoughts, ideas or experiences with us below.