Love Your Knees: 8 Ways to Treat Achy Knees

Knees take a great deal of abuse and are one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. Taking care of our knees is extremely important especially as we strive to maintain our fitness regimens. Statistics indicate that over 20% of the population have experienced problems in past 3 months.  Most knee discomfort is the result of inflammation caused by injuries and osteoarthritis. Follow these expert approved tips to get the jump on leg pain.

(For persistent and severe pain, please seek medical advice immediately.)


1.) OTC Creams


OTC creams containing capsaicin are proven to ease pain.


2.) Check out your shoes!


Shoes can affect your gait and worsen knee pain.  Wearing shoes that are comfy and size appropriate can serve as a preventative measure for potential knee pain.


3.) Ice



Icing knee inflammation can reduce swelling and flare-up.