Tips and Recipes for Healthy Holiday Eating

I guess it’s no real secret, this year seemingly sped by faster than a bolt of lightening. One blink and here it is November,ushering in cooler temperatures, hot cocoa, lovely leaves and oodles of holiday cheer. And oops, I almost forgot- lots of festive social events accompanied by yummy and fabulous food!

For many, diet restrictions related to weight loss and healthy living commitments, are often subconsciously ignored during the holidays. It’s so easy to be tempted by the the aroma and tantalizing sight of delicious delicacies (some healthy, some not)  that compliment the holiday season. But have no fear! If your goal is to stay healthy, but not starve in the process, here are some nutritious and equally tasty meal swaps to the rescue! Yummy dishes that are sure to keep you on the fit and healthy path.  Say bye bye to careless calories and hello to healthier holiday food options with these dining delights!

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Quick Tips for Healthy Eating During the Holiday Season

  • Watch your portion sizes. Use smaller plates if available.
  • Balance what you eat at holiday parties with what you eat during the course of the day.
  • Remember beverages have calories too! Consume in moderation.
  • Skip the Seconds.
  • Eat slowly, putting your fork down between bites. Taste each mouthful and try to enjoy your meal. Experts say that will help you avoid the potential of overeating.


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