Tahini Veggie Collard Wraps

Tahini Veggie Collard Wraps; these are so easy to make and a great low-carb alternative to tortilla wraps! You can add whatever fillings you like (including your choice of protein – tofu, beans, organic chicken, fish etc.) but this is my favourite filling combo at the moment!
– a large collard leaf, washed + stem removed
– 1tbsp pure tahini
– 1-2tbsp hummus* or mashed avocado
– selection of veg – I 
   • 1 medium grated carrot
   • 1/4 cucumber finely chopped
   • 2 quartered cherry tomatoes
   • a few stoned olives sliced
   • diced + grated courgette
   • 2 sliced mushrooms
   • a few sliced grapes
   • 1/2 a green pepper sliced
   • big handful of parsley chopped!
*I made my own hummus/tahini using pure tahini, lemon juice and white beans, blended.
1. Thoroughly dry the large collard leaf (make sure there are no holes in it)! Spread over the hummus or mashed avocado, leaving a small border. 

2. Add your veg! Make sure it’s a wide selection with different textures and flavours; cut to different sizes too for variety. 

3. Drizzle with the pure tahini.

4. Roll up! Fold in the top and bottom first, turn on it’s side then fold over the bottom and roll over to the top, as shown in the video. 

5. Slice in half with a serrated knife.
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