How to Beat Stress at Work

It’s easy to neglect your health, wellness and overall livelihood when you’re immersed in the rigors of work. With that said, it’s equally or more important to manage stress at work as it is in any other area of your life. We all know that excessive stress can have negative effects on a person’s life.

Managing workplace stress and anxiety is essential to maintaining a healthy life.  Balancing the responsibilities of daily living can be challenging, but thankfully it’s not an impossible feat. Getting a grip on stress at work is only one piece of the “managing your life” pie. Identifying work related stress triggers will the first step in paving the way to effectively managing stress at work.

Incorporating a stress management regimen on all fronts of your life: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually help to nurture the balance you’ll need to address and ultimately combat those inevitable stressors that will come your way at home, school, and even work.

Here are some fullproof ways to counteract stress at work and secure your peace of mind and provide you with the well-being you deserve.

1. Get a decent night’s rest and double your productivity.  Studies show that employees who report having a good night’s sleep feel more productive the throughout the day. Check out our sleep tips for helpful ways to score a good night’s rest.

2. Take a break from your smart phone,Ipad and computer. When at all possible, take a break from your technology outlets. It’s essential that your brain has time to rest, refresh and renew like every other part of your body. Not allowing yourself to fully detach from checking messages, emails and social media pages, only contributes to potential feelings of anxiousness and lack of control. Designating specific times to connect with the cyber world. should help to keep things manageable, organized and balanced.

3. Get physical. Physical and emotional strength go hand and hand. Making imperative time to exercise can fuel emotional well-being at work. Do have a lot of time to dedicate to workout regimen? That’s okay! When it comes to getting physical or staying active- a little goes a long way. If you have impending health conditions or nutritional concerns, make sure to advise with a nutritionist and physician to get advice and recommendations.  Factors such as, proper nutrition and exercise can make a world of difference in the way you feel and function at work.

4.  Sprinkle some Zen into your workday. Take a window break and gaze at the trees outside or try some breathing exercises.  Check out some great relaxation tips for work in the featured video.

5. Chat with one of your favorite co-workers. Studies have proven that take a few minutes or so to talk with co-workers is helpful in reducing anxiety and promoting bonding.

6. Add some green. Reach for some greens, not just healthy kale and spinach, try adding a plant or two to your space. It’s been proven to significantly improve and reduce blood pressure levels.

7. Stop the noise. If it’s permissible, try using noise-cancelling headphones  to block out the most common cause of work stress.

8. Clear your inbox. Take time to purge or archive checked emails and phone messages. This may help you declutter your mind and regain much needed focus.

9. Delegate when appropriate. Don’t try to do it all, if you don’t have to. Make sure you’re a team player. Help others and allow others to help you when necessary. Working collaboratively and harmoniously is an excellent way to alleviate work related stress. Creating and participating in a supportive work environment can make the toughest of jobs much simpler.

10. Consider a career change.  If all else fails, you may have to explore other employment options. We’d strongly recommend making this your last alternative. Oftentimes, people act impulsively, quit their jobs and find themselves in the same or a similar work frustrated situation. The reason being, they haven’t properly identified the source of their stress or proactively worked towards managing stress. It’s important to remember, stress and challenges are going to make their presence known, whether you want them to or not. Making sure you’re mentally and physically to tackle it, an essential skill in keeping the reigns on stress in every aspect and experience in which encounter it.

Most importantly, please remember that you control stress. Never let it control you! Be well.