5 Workouts to Try in 2015

2015 has been deemed the “year of change”. (I’m not sure who did the “deeming” but whoever did seemed to have the right idea.) The ever evolving world of fitness has started to head into several new and fascinating directions. Body weight and suspension training is becoming more popular everyday, technology is making it’s way into every gym, and we are learning more each day about how to train our bodies in the most efficient and science supported ways. Here are five workouts that I am deeming (Hah!) worthy to try in 2015.

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Orange Theory Fitness I recently tried OTF while I was home in NC and thought it was great! You can read my whole review here but here’s a quick recap:

“Orange Theory Fitness is a scientific based workout focused on the principle of an after burn or “Excess Post Oxygen Consumption”. They focus on five different intervals for your heart rate and each workout is an average of 60 minutes. They have locations in 36 states plus Canada and are continuing to expand rapidly. Each Orange Theory Fitness has a line of treadmills, a line of water rowers, and a separate weight section. The class can be divided up into groups using different areas of the gym to accommodate more people.OTF encourages participants to lift their heart rate into the “orange or red” zone for 12 to 20 minutes during their workout. If you are successful, according to their calculations you can burn a guaranteed several hundred calories post workout.”

It’s a fun class based off of their own scientifically calculated format that will definitely make you work hard.

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Flywheel– There’s a Flywheel location within walking distance from our house, so I am determined to try it this year. From what I know they offer 45 or 60 minute cycling classes that feature light barre work at the end. Some locations have Flybarre as well for more toning and strength training. Just like OTF, there’s a display board for participants to compete and work harder. I’m very curious to experience the workout and see how it compares to the cycling classes I teach!


Barre classes- My love for active living started in the dance studio at the ballet barre so it’s only natural that I find barre fitness so exciting. The basic concept behind any barre class is a fusion of ballet, yoga, and Pilates postures held for a certain amount of time while using props such as the barre or small balls. Small pulses, lifts, and muscle contractions are also used to add more intensity while lengthening and strengthening the muscles. Barre fitness is a fantastic lower impact, high result workout that combines all the best elements of the body weight workout world. Be prepared to work hard and have shaky muscles in a barre class because they are no walk in the park, but the results speak for themselves!


TRX classes- You may recognize this one from my Christmas list last year and it’s definitely worth mentioning again. There are only so many versions of a pull up and a push-up you can do before you feel the inevitable plateau emerging. Adding suspension training is an awesome way to strength train without having to purchase a large amount of expensive equipment. TRX utilizes your body weight and leverage to create a challenging workout that can be accomplished by anyone. It was created by a navy seal who needed a difficult but portable workout while traveling over seas. It has become a pillar in the fitness industry and is changing how many people workout. If you are in the Philly area, come try TRX classes at Fit Fire Studios!

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CX Worx- If you haven’t had a chance to try this 30 minute core focused class yet, it’s a must do for 2015. CX is one of the newer programs from Les Mills and the perfect compliment to any workout or quick workout by itself. It includes options for all levels and always offers a killer core burn. The premise behind CX Worx is that the core is the most important piece to the puzzle of a strong body, without it everything else falls apart. CX focuses on training the core but also the major muscle tracks that surround the core such as the hips, glutes, and back. Traditional abdominal exercises such as hovers and crunches are complimented with plate and resistance band work for a well rounded fun program. (You can try a CX class at Fit Fire if you are in the Philly area as well.)



So there you have it! Out of all the amazing new trends and styles, these are the 5 workouts I absolutely suggest trying this year. There’s always more to add to the list, including BODYATTACK now that I am officially certified!


What new workouts are you planning to try in 2015?