Cardiovascular Exercise Basics

Cardiovascular exercise also called cardiorespiratory exercise (or aerobic exercise) consists of movement that increases your heart rate and oxygen consumption. It not only helps you lose or maintain your weight but also improves heart and lung health, builds endurance, burns calories and fat, and reduces stress. Cardio workouts might include running, walking, cycling, swimming, boxing, rowing, and dancing. Anything that elevates your heart rate is considered aerobic exercise, even weight lifting can be a cardio workout!

According to the American College of Sports Medicine the average adult should participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio exercise each week. Recommended times include 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity 5 days a week or 20- 60 minutes of vigorous intensity 3 days a week. As time progresses, change the type of cardio you do along with the amount of time you do it for and intensity level, to prevent injury and maintain interest. Any exercise is better than none and these are just guidelines to give a general understanding of cardio exercise.

Each person is different and should consult their doctor before making any major lifestyle or activity level changes. While I am a personal trainer, the information I am sharing is all generic and not intended for one specific person. Consult a professional before starting anything new.

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By: Voxifit