7 Days of Aluminum Free Deodorant


Baby powder: That’s what my first deodorant smelled like. It was the same kind my mother used: an anti-perspirant stick. I didn’t care — I was just thrilled that she let me choose the scent. I still think of 7th grade gym class whenever I catch a whiff of that baby powder smell.

In the years since junior high I’ve changed up the scents, but the basics have stayed the same. Which is a shame: Deodorant itself has gone through plenty of innovations since my first stick.

Aluminum, which manufacturers have long added to antiperspirants because it blocks sweat glands, often absorbs into the skin. Natural deodorant, on the other hand, doesn’t try to stop the natural act of sweating. Instead it contains natural ingredients to absorb odors and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

I always read ingredient labels and strive to avoid excess ingredients in my food and makeup. I can’t believe I had never looked at my deodorant the same way. To break my habit, I decided to go one week using only aluminum-free deodorant.

 tomsTom’s of Maine Long Lasting Aluminum-Free Deodorant

This roll-on is packed with natural ingredients and anti microbial agents and witch hazel to tackle odor-causing bacteria that feed on your sweat.

Day 1: Off to a good start!

Full disclosure: I tend to overheat at the slightest hint of warm temperatures, and I can get pretty sweaty in my day to day life. For my first day of the natural deodorant test drive I opted to wear a lighter shirt just in case my sweat glands went on overdrive. But by the end of the day I was still feeling fresh. Success!

Day 2: Under the gun

This was the first real test: An incredibly stressful day at work, coupled with a heavy sweater. I was on the edge of my seat all day working on a last-minute project, and spent most of the afternoon overheating at my desk. Although I found that I sweat more than I had with my old anti-perspirant, I still felt completely fresh and the scent lasted all the way through my deadline.

Day 3: The first gym visit

After a full day at work, I went to my weekly kickboxing class. This is a pretty intense workout and I was nervous that I’d be wishing for my anti-perspirant. But by the end of the hour-long sweat session I was sweaty, but no stinkier than usual. Nothing a post-gym shower couldn’t fix!

Day 4: Taking it easy

After the workout yesterday I was happy to take today easy. I’m getting used to reaching for the natural deodorant instead of my old option, and am very happy with the scent I chose. The lemon smell really works to nix out any odor that may pop up throughout the day.

Day 5: Over the hump!

Today I went to the gym before my morning shower, which meant I was going on 24+ hours without reapplying. Just in case, I added an extra swipe under each arm before hopping on the treadmill. I’m not sure whether it was the second layer of deodorant or if it the previous day’s application would have sufficed, but either way I felt fine all the way through my workout.

Day 6: 17 hours and still going strong

Today was a long one. I applied the aluminum-free deodorant in the morning and knew it had to last me from an early-morning meeting through a late dinner out with friends. Despite some mid-afternoon sweating from the high heat in my office lunch room, I felt good all the way through bedtime.

Day 7: Feeling fine!

I’ll be honest: Before this experiment I was worried that I might end up being “that” person in my office, gym class, and at home. But I’m pleasantly surprised at how great I feel! Plus I love the great scent, the odor protection, and the all-natural ingredients.This experiment has been an all-around success!


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