Interview with Sports Commentator & Radio Host Rashan Ali

Rashan Ali is our dazzling fit beauty of the month. With a passion for sports and empowering young women, she continues to establish herself as a formidable and revered multimedia personality within the sports and entertainment industries. Find out how she successfully manages to balance career, family and fitness. Meet the lovely Rashan Ali, FG’s, fabulous and fierce woman of the month.

FG: How did you get your start in sports commentating and broadcasting as a whole?

RA: My parents got me involved in extracurricular activities at an early age. I started swimming competitively when I was five-years-old.  This sport would eventually afford me the opportunity to attend Florida A&M University on a full scholarship. I went to Florida A & M University and obtained a degree Broadcast Journalism. I didn’t immediately jump into radio. I worked in the Atlanta Public School system and Fox Sports South, amongst other industry jobs. Her career in radio opened the door for many opportunities. She was invited to become a sideline reporter for the Atlanta Hawks, which she did for four years. She continued to make her mark in the sports industry when she became the Social Media Correspondent during the 2010 & 2011 NBA Playoffs on NBA TV’s NBA Gametime Live. Rashan served as the sideline reporter for the Southern Conference Sports Network during the 2011 football season.


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How do manage your busy schedule, family/life commitments and maintain your fitness regimen? What’s your formula?

Wow, I don’t think there’s a real formula to it(laughter). But, what I try to do…. I like to wake up and do something inspirational, whether it’s reading something inspirational, meditating. I’m always focused on finding my center and staying there.

FG: Please take us through your morning.

RA: I wake up around 5-5:30 am. Like I mentioned, I like to do something inspirational. I make lunches and breakfast and get my husband and children off to work and school. As far as fitness, I’ve more recently started doing Pure Barre classes. I saw that you had that on FG a few weeks ago.

FG: Yes we did! Do you like the classes?

RA: I’m loving them! I’ve always been an athlete so I run and because after swimming my whole life, I rarely swim now. So unless I’m training for a triathlon, I’m not in the water.  I tried Pure Barre because I wanted to reshape my body. I’ve been taking it since November…I think I have to give it six or seven months before I can truly see the full results.

FG: What type of results are you looking for by way of reshaping your body? You’re body looks amazing!

I just want to lean out a little more. When I was swimming all the time, I was much thicker. I felt like my wingspan was so big. I never even wore strapless dresses because my extensive time in the water, as an athlete, left me feeling as if my shoulders looked broad. So once I stopped swimming so much, my body took on a new form and shape. I still just want my arms to be a little more defined, even at rest. And Pure Barre has definitely been helping with that.

FG: What types of changes have started to notice?

RA: I think that I’ve gained a lot of strength in my core and also in toning different parts of my body. I’ve noticed improvements in my bottom/glutes. Barre classes are shaping it tremendously.

FG: What movements in classes have primarily helped with shaping glutes?

RA: There are small movements in this class that target concentrated muscles. I’m just starting to get comfortable with all the movements. They can be challenging. There’s a real art to it.

FG: I’ve take this class a couple times. I thought it was going to be easy and it was not. I felt pretty beat up? Did you feel that way initially?

RA: Absolutely! And I still that way, but I’m starting to see and  feel great results. Although it can be somewhat costly, it’s worth trying an/or possibly integrating into workout routine. The yoga and Pilates element make it an effective low impact exercise. I strongly recommend it.

FG: We also read that you like running. Are you still running along with taking barre classes?

RA: Yes, I’m trying to maintain both of them. I really like running too, especially outside versus inside on the treadmill. I’ve done a few half marathons. Running helps to slim down and barre classes are helping to tone and sculpt. If I consistently maintain the two, I know that it will help me accomplish my fitness goals.

FG:How often do you workout?

RA: I typically work out, on a bad week, three days and on a good week five days.

FG: How do you maintain your motivation to stay fit, in the midst of keeping up with your busy life?

RA: I work out to look and feel good for myself. Secondly, I work out to look good for my husband. I make maintaining a regular exercise routine, a priority.

FG: That’s awesome! I’m sure he appreciates it because you look great! Good for you and hubby:)!

RA: And the other harsh reality, is that I work in a business that has a great deal to do with looks. So as a result, I also have to maintain a healthy weight and look for the cameras, which can be unmerciful when it comes to picking up extra pounds.

FG: Well, from the outside looking in, you look great Rashan! We applaud you on the wonderful things you’ve doing on and off the screen. Please tell us what you’ve been working on what’s up and coming?

RA: I started  Sporty Girls, Inc., which encourages the development of life skills in girls ages 8-18 through participation in non-traditional sports like golf, tennis, soccer and swimming. We offer several free yearly sports clinics.  Our programs also offer the opportunity to foster a better lifestyle. We assist young, female, student-athletes in character development, academic responsibility, and health and wellness. We’ve found that by engaging girls for even three hours, during three hours, you can change the scope of their lives. By giving them exposure to various sports and opportunities, you can broaden their awareness and increase their motivation to participate in different types of sports.  It is our goal to get girls going and assist them in becoming phenomenal, collegiate student athletes!

FG: We’ve heard amazing things about Sporty Girls, Inc.! Keep up the good work Rashan! Thanks so much for speaking with us.

For more information about Sporty Girls, Inc. and Rashan Ali’s great projects, visit

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