Coolest Home Gyms



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Being unable to find some time to pound the pavement or pump some iron is the number one, most overused excuse everyone defaults to when avoiding working out. But when decked-out gyms are within the vicinity of your home, you’re more likely to get up and get active than lounge with a bag of kill-me-now potato chips. Step away from the fast food and lunge towards creating the coolest home gym you can imagine.

Warm Up


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Not all gyms have to be in an emotionless grey palette. Warm up your workout space with wood grain flooring, a light touch of decor, and soft, mild wall colors. The warming and welcoming environment might just be that nudge of encouragement to work up a sweat.

Reward Yourself

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If you’ve got the extra cash, include a sauna and steam shower in your home gym. You’ll probably find that the only thing that gets you to workout and burn calories is the promise of relaxing and loosening up in a nice, steamy room afterwards. Working out for two minutes counts right?

Get the Right Equipment


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Positive encouragement to workout depends greatly on whether you have enough tools and the right equipment to get a good job done. Load up your gym with weights and machines that you’ll use and enjoy. The only thing missing that we can see in this home gym is… you.

Go Big

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If you’ve got a ridiculously large enough space to solely dedicate it to fitness, you may as well go big or stay home. Who ever said that working out only meant weightlifting and exercise machines? With an at-home gym like this, you’ll never have an excuse to be sedentary again.

Invite Workout Buddies

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With a large and awesome home gym that has two floors, forget the one workout buddy. Invite over everyone on the block to burn up a sweat with you. Some friendly competition can fuel extra calories burned.

Come Out of the Basement

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Inspire and lift yourself up with converting the attic to a gym. The rubber cork flooring is an excellent option to insulate sound radiating down to the rest of the house. Although these ceiling cables are for structural purposes, a more heavier steel and rigid mounting would make it functional for additional exercise use.

Inspire Yourself

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Use decor to help motivate you and keep you inspired. It also gives off a professional and sharp tone to help keep you in workout mode during your exercise session.



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Although you may be a long way from getting your home gym to looking anything like these, throwing up some mirrors and laying down a decent floor may just be what your home gym is needing. Remember though, your home gym may look cool but if you don’t use it, you’re probably not as cool as you think. Ready to sweat?

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