Stop Dieting and Start Making a Lifestyle Change, I Dare You

Do you wish that you could lose weight and get healthy without feeling deprived of the foods you love?

Are you tired of following the Yo-Yo diet where some days you feel great about the foods you ate, and some days you wish you could start over?

Well, I know exactly how you feel and I have created a solution for you!

Stop dieting and start making a healthy lifestyle change with The Food Dare.

Take The Food Dare and you will be able to experience your healthy eating transformation in just 30 days. The Food Dare is a day-by-day guide that will tell you exactly what you need to do each day to create healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

During The Food Dare, you won’t feel deprived of the foods you love and you won’t be restricted. You will simply add one new healthy eating habit into your life each day for 30 days so that you can create the healthy lifestyle transformation you want.

The daily changes you’ll be making with The Food Dare are small, but meaningful. They will make a BIG difference in your overall long-term health.

So, how does The Food Dare work?

When you begin The Food Dare you will be taken through thirty “dares”. But, don’t worry…these dares will not have you eating bugs or giving up chocolate! The daily dares will challenge you to do one simple thing to improve the way you eat (or drink).

There are three phases to the dare: Water, Color, and Clean. Each phase lasts 10 days. In the water phase you will learn not only the importance of water, but also how much water you should be drinking and simple strategies to help you drink more.

In the color phase you will be focusing on the foods that offer nutritional value to your life…mainly fruits and vegetables. And, in case you are like me and you don’t enjoy eating your veggies, The Food Dare will provide you with all the tools you need to eat more…and actually enjoy them!

The final phase of The Food Dare, the clean phase, is all about making those small changes in your food choices that will make a big difference. This phase will challenge you to eat more whole foods. You won’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right!

Join The Food Dare Team

The Food Dare is not just a guide book. It is a complete program designed to help you succeed in creating a healthy lifestyle change, not a quick-fix.

When you join one of The Food Dare Teams you get the guide you want with the support you need. As a Food Dare Team member you’ll have lifetime access to the online Food Dare Team page, where you will receive healthy eating recipes, snack ideas and daily nutritional tips. What’s more, you will receive additional healthy eating resources, including:

  • A comprehensive clean-eating grocery list
  • 3-day sample healthy-eating meal plan
  • The Food Dare quick start guide and calendar

PLUS, if you join the Premium Team you’ll get personalized support and a customized dare to challenge you beyond The Food Dare.

This program is already changing so many lives, and I want it to change yours too! All Fitness Galore readers can join The Food Dare Team at a discounted rate!

Use the code “idareyou” at checkout when you join one of The Food Dare Teams here to receive 20% off your membership now through Nov. 30th!

Remember, once you join, you are a Food Dare Team member for life! So, let’s give up that dieting nonsense and make a lifestyle change. Your Food Dare Team will be waiting to cheer you on!

I dare you!