New Series: This is My Well

In the spirit of peaceful living, and as a tribute to good mental and physical health, we’re launching an exciting new series and campaign titled #ThisIsMyWell.

Most of us can attest to the fact that life can occasionally liken itself to an obstacle course, full of a multitude of unexpected twist, turns and dips.  In reality, it can be challenging to navigate through life’s unpredictable and winding journey. Even with the best intentions and fervent efforts, it’s not uncommon to experience lack of energy and experience stagnant progress. Finding, claiming and owning wellness, in the midst of living sporadic lives, can be an infinite challenge-hence the reason we decided to embark on our own journey, searching, spotlighting and sharing what people do to keep themselves emotionally fit and well.  We want to showcase people’s unique and varied healthy living practices, in hopes of providing a greater sense of appreciation and understanding of what well is and why it is fundamental to our contentment, productivity and success.

“What is your why” has more recently become a popular question or rule of thought that focuses on the pursuit of passion and purpose. It seemed only right that we partner it with the question, “What is your well?” After all, can you really have a why without a well? According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – you can’t.


Maslow believed that people are motivated to fulfill certain fundamental needs. According to his theory, one must meet one need in order to fulfill another, and so on.  He identified physiological, security, social, and esteem as deficiency needs (also known as D-needs), meaning that these needs arise due to deprivation. He proposed the idea that these needs must be satisfied in order to avoid unpleasant feelings or consequences. So it seems, why needs  well, to help us keep a reasonable level of order and homeostatis in our lives.

To kick off this great series and introduce our customized life and wellness coaching service, we’ll be sharing some fabulous interviews with some of our favorite folks. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, please join us in our efforts to keep our nation well and fit.  Tell us what you do to maintain or acquire emotional wellness or balance in your life. What colors your life and renews your spirit? What  puts the move in your stuck, the happy in your sad or the energy in your tired?



Share your WELL with us. Join in our wellness campaign. Simply hashtag your videos images and post on social media with #THISISMYWELL.