This is My Well Series: Interview with Actor and Producer Shaun Baker

Meet Shaun Baker, best known for his role as Quick Williams on the syndicated television series V.I.P. He also landed the recurring role of the whimsically funny, Jamaican immigrant Russell Montego on the popular FOX sitcom Living Single and guest starred on the TV show Family Matters (as Harriet Winslow’s cousin “Easy C” Clarence Baines), CSI: Miami, The District, NYPD Blue, Martin, and A Different World.

These days Shaun is taking center stage, starring in an assortment of theater productions. He’s acting in an exciting new film called, Blackout and preparing for his upcoming role in the inspiring documentary, The Zim Movie.

Find out how Shaun keeps his balance, restores his energy and maintains his well in the thick of an active career and busy lifestyle.



How do you stay well and fit? What do you do to stay centered? How do you maintain a sense of well-being?

For me it begins with spirituality. It starts with my connection with Christ. I’m a Christian, so it all starts with my connection with the creator. Even when I can’t make it to church, it’s always important for me to connect with Christ and give thanks at the start of everyday.  Expressing thankfulness to be able to take another breath.  I think we as people, often take for granted that we’ve been given the blessing of life. We can easily get consumed with stress and life situations that we lose sight of what we have .

Eating healthy is also very important to me. I try to eat as organic as possible. I also try to stay away from processed food. I try to do a fast every year, at the beginning or by the second month of the year. It helps me to re-energize and recharge my battery.

I live in Los Angeles, as much as I love Los Angeles, home is representative New York City. A lot of times I try to get back to New York City and connect with that energy that’s in New York. A lot of times people feel like it’s a “hustle bustle” energy, but I love it. That’s the environment I was raised in I try to go back home and reconnect with family there.  That’s important to me.


What tips or suggestions do you have for people that maintain rigorous lifestyles-sprinkled with life’s unforeseen challenges or unexpected hurdles?

Like I referenced in the beginning, I strongly encourage people to identify their belief. I realize every one is not a Christian, so whatever your belief system, hold tight and steady to it.

I also think it’s important for people to find the time to laugh. We all know that life can be serious, so I think it’s important to find the humor sometimes and lighten the load. Life doesn’t have to be so heavy. I’m guilty of this as well. Thinking about this and that, being consumed with things that are beyond our control. We often forget to find the time to do something fun or just take a time out and check-in with ourselves.

I really encourage people to think about the things that people are putting in their bodies.  It’s extremely important for people to aware of how that effects how they operate, mentally and physically.

I think it’s important for people to exercise, even if it’s just a quick walk in the neighborhood. Every one can’t make it to the gym, so doing something to stay active can come by way of a simple walk or excursion. Being physical is some regard is essential. I enjoy martial arts.

I’ve been trained in martial arts for several years. I’m a first degree black belt in karate. It’s been an incredible experience-talking about a mind, body and spirit experience. It’s an art form that emphasizes taking care of all of these aspects. There’s meditation that we do to center ourselves. It’s about energy and mindset by encouraging affirmations, emphasizing how you can potentially heal your body by speaking well of your body. It’s so important that we speak well of ourselves as well as of other people. Positive energy is imperative to wellness and a greater sense of well-being. Karate helps to re-energize and wake the body up.   I recommend t’ai chi is a form of relaxing, reducing stress and anxiety.

What’s next for Shaun? Any special projects? Please share with our reading audience.

I have a film that I’m acting in that’s called Blackout. I’m also working on a documentary, The Zim.  I’m also a member of a Pacific Resident Theater company that I’m really excited about so I stay on stage. I’ve been reading scripts to make a come back to television.  We’ve been reviewing scripts, but want to make sure it’s a good fit.  I’m so excited about the roles that a lot of my fellow actors are filling, like Anthony Anderson, Regina King, Taraji P. Henson. I’m truly inspired by my peers.  Young actors often ask me how I stayed inspired and I encourage them to see other people’s work. I recommend going to see theater and concerts. I relish opportunities to enjoy life and stay inspired by the things that are happening.

Special thanks to Shaun Baker for taking the time to share his well with us.  Keep up the amazing work!

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