This Is My Well Series: Interview with Celebrity Chef Amaris Jones

Celebrity Chef, Amaris Jones has been raved about by a host of celebrities, including Martha Stewart, who famously admired  Jones’ pork-free soul food during Art Basel. Jones, a Philadelphia native with over a decade of lifestyle management experience, has worked with a host of clients, including entertainers, athletes, and print media companies.

Jones is also rapper, Rick Ross’ personal chef. She was introduced to cook for Ross through Reebok in which he started to follow an intensive CrossFit program. Jones helped Ross drop more than 80 pounds by customizing a food regimen for him based on his taste preferences and introducing healthy eating swaps.

Jones gave us the dish on how she stays well and fit while on- the- go and in the thick of a busy chef’s and industrious entrepreneur’s lifestyle.



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How do you stay well and fit?

I am around food the majority of my work day. I have to taste recipes all the time ..To stay well and fit.. I eat small portions of breakfast lunch and dinner that consist of high quality proteins and fish. I workout at least 4 times a week

What do you do to stay centered? How do you maintain a sense of well-being?

Meditation and prayer, an attitude of gratitude at all times and I surround myself with high vibrating positive people.

What tips or suggestions do you have for people that maintain rigorous lifestyles-sprinkled with life’s unforeseen challenges or unexpected hurdle?

 You must devote time to self-care. I love treating myself with a great detox bath at the end of a long day ( my bath consist of lavender, epsom salt and ginger). During my bath, I listen to inspiring messages. Unforeseen challenges  or unexpected hurdles are all part of the journey of life. Its not what happens to you that effects you the most, it’s how you react to these occurrences. Nothing happens by chance.  There is a message and lesson to everything. I believe in embracing the lesson, viewing it as an opportunity for growth, always remembering to preserve a positive optimistic outlook on life.
What’s up next for Amaris in the new year? Any special projects we should look out for?
I am in the process of manifesting two or more great food projects.. stay tuned.. and follow me on IG and twitter for the announcements @amarisjones
Special thanks to Amaris Jones for taking the time to share her well with us.
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