New Back Natural Back Pain Relief Series and Introduction of YPLS TV

More recently, I’ve been battling with ongoing and recurrent back issues.  It started several years ago, but has been worse than ever during the past year. The culprit has been a nagging bulging disk in my spine and neck region, specifically located in C5-C7 area.  It’s speculated that it was sparked by an accident that occurred about ten years ago, but it’s not for certain because other issues such as posture and lack of vital nutrients can exasperate this type of injury.

Nonetheless, sadly to say, the past few years have been more difficult than ever, plagued with more consistent bouts with debilitating bulging disk induced pain.   This last episode has been the most concerning of all, due primarily to the threat of surgery.  Thankfully, with a tremendous amount of prayer, extensive research, great resources, physical therapy and positive thinking, I’ve been able to turn a lemon of a situation into lemonade of an experience which has now culminated into a back pain relief series and the launching of the “Happy Living Show.”

During my journey to back pain relief, I explored many pain relief options, some worked and others didn’t. I also discovered that according to research, 60-80 percent of the adult population has experienced some form of back pain.  It was startling to find out that so many people were and are experiencing what I too was facing with back pain. With that said, it seemed only right to start a back pain series, addressing back pain and sharing the options that thankfully worked for me, in hopes of helping others who were encountering the same or similar challenges with pain.  I’m looking forward to introducing the anticipated “Happy Living Show”, an exciting lifestyle series that will be sharing all of the wellness goodies, and happy and healthy living things we love around here at Fitness Galore.



This enlightening four part back pain series will be starting soon! Subscribe here and stay up-to-date on weekly episodes.  In the first part of the series, I’ll be sharing my back pain relief bath time regimen, including all of my favorite go-to products and personal tips. I’ll be sharing everything from my first experience with needling to the fundamentals of natural pain relief.  Stay tuned!