Best Fitness and Wellness Finds for $5 and Less!


Ready for some affordable summer fitness and wellness finds? Check out the awesome fitness and wellness treasures we discovered at Five Below.  Five Below is an amazing retail store where all of the merchandise is $5 and below.


I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical when I first came across Five Below. The name alone sent up a few red flags.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this trendy discount store. My first visit rendered me pleasantly surprised; I’ve been hooked ever since.


1.) Fitbit Flex Band  2.)Water Bottles w/carry handles 3.) Hand weights 4.) Light-weight Pullover

5.) Micro-fiber Yoga Towel  6.) Smartphone Armband

Five Below has a variety of products, including a great selection of fitness and healthy living goods. They have a wide assortment of fitness apparel, workout equipment, books and more!

Click video link above to see their great buys!


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  1. Wendy

    Wow. I’ve never been to Five Below but I’ve been wondering what it’s all about. I had no idea they had all that cool stuff. Thanks for the info Kim. Gonna try to stop by this weekend!

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