Trader Joe’s Top Beauty Product Review

I’ve been a avid fan of Trader Joe’s for many years. What I’ve grown to love most about this store, is the awesome selection of fresh, healthy, scrumptious, and affordable food and healthy living products.  Although I’ve frequented Trader Joe’s for over a decade, I have to admit, I’ve never paid much attention to their beauty and hygiene section. I recently stumbled across some of their beauty and hygiene products via Pinterest.   Many of their products received great reviews and high ratings. These five-star beauty buys sparked my interest and sent me trotting to my nearest Trader Joe’s, ready to put these coveted items to the test. Check out my new beauty faves!


I wasn’t quite sure what I how my skin was going to take to this unique all-in-one cleanser, especially since exfoliators are not typically compatible with my sensitive skin. Surprisingly, this combo cleaner worked great! I loved how the exfoliator didn’t have a harsh or gritty feel. It left my skin feeling smooth and clean. It makes a great nighttime cleanser. I’ve only used it for about and thus far, I haven’t seen any adverse effects; I’m impressed!



Trader Joe’s All-In-One Cleanser


I fell in love with everything about this toothpaste, from the sweet mint gel flavor to its sparkly clean finish. It’s au natural. It was so nice to experience a gorgeous whitening effect minus harsh and abrasive bleaching chemicals. It’s definitely my new ”’go-to” toothpaste.


Tom’s  Simply White Fluoride Toothpaste



I have to be honest, I wasn’t initially impressed with this shaving cream.  Typically, I’m accustomed and prefer a foamy cream; this one has more of a “lotiony” feel.  However, after the first couple uses, I quickly became enamored with the results. My skin felt and looked noticeably smooth and soft.  I also like the sweet and light fragrance. I’m looking forward to trying it out a bit more to see if it makes my long-term cut. For now, it’s a keeper!


Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Moisturizing Cream Shave



It can say enough good things about this amazing cleanser. This multi-purpose cleaner has a plethora of great uses, over 18 to be exact! Many refer to it as “the magic soap.” It’s safe to use on hair, face, body, laundry, veggie and even dogs. The bottle includes detailed instructions for its uses. I tried it a hand cleanser and also used it to clean my kitchen floor.  I was thoroughly impressed. It left both feeling incredibly clean and smelling great!  I can’t wait to try it in some of the other capacities. I really love how a little goes a long way. What a great buy!



Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap



I love this product! Initially, I used this oil it as a body moisturizer, but it’s also said to be great for hair too!  The light and non-greasy feel won me over on the first try.  It was hydrating, but not oily and messy. The fragrance was surprisingly light void of a pungent strong scent. I’m looking forward to trying it on my tresses. And guess what? It doubles as a moisturizing facial cleanser too!


Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil


I’ve been in search for the perfect sunscreen for quite some time.  I think my search has finally come to an end.  It’s environmentally safe topped with an easy-spray bottle that provides a smooth, continuous stream of sunscreen with one touch of the convenient nozzle. It’s oil free and provides UVA and UVB protection.  Aloe and Vitamin E are bonus ingredients!


Trader Joe’s Spray Sunscreen SPF 50+


In the past, I’ve used this product as a hair conditioner, but hadn’t tried it in any other functions. Coconut oil is extremely popular and well known for it’s hydrating and healing properties. Check out at least 20 of it’s most popular uses here.  I decided to try it as a lip conditioner.  It worked great, although the scent made me a little hungry. Oddly, the aroma reminded of something sweet baking in the kitchen.  For some, the fragrance might be okay alone or it might be helpful to add a few more ingredients to spruce up the smell. I found a great DIY Coconut Rose Lip Balm recipe that I plan to try. The benefits and uses for this oil are limitless; making this a chart topper on my “favorite Trader Joe’s beauty buy’s” list.



Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil



Have you used any of these products? If so, how did you use them and what did you think? What other products do you like at Trader Joes? Please share comments and feedback below.